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vrijdag 16 februari 2018

Use of ‘rigorous’ hand hygiene practice urged in care homes

Use of 'rigorous' hand hygiene practice urged in care homes
Rigorous hand hygiene-intervention practices can lower mortality, antibiotic prescription rates in nursing homes, according to findings from a French study.
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Gaps in nurse training on care of learning disability patients
Non-specialist nurses need more training in caring for patients with learning disabilities in order to end the "scandal" of avoidable deaths, a charity has claimed in a new report, which also said two-thirds of health professionals wanted more training in the area.
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New specialist nurse in London for mesothelioma patients
A new thoracic nurse specialist has been appointed in London specifically to support mesothelioma patients, a charity has announced.
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Student nurse inspired to pen poems to combat 'negativity'
A student nurse from the Midlands says she has been inspired by her experiences of training to write poetry about the "beautiful career".
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Nursing staff could soon be wearing 'copper-coated uniforms'
Hospital nurses and health professionals could soon be wearing uniforms brushed with tiny copper nanoparticles to reduce the spread of bacterial infections and viruses, according to researchers.
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RCN consults its members on decriminalising abortion
The Royal College of Nursing is launching a UK-wide survey of its members on the principle of removing criminal sanctions from termination of pregnancy.
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