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dinsdag 27 februari 2018

Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 27 February 2018

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  27 February 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Role of the Metal-Oxide Work Function on Photocurrent Generation in Hybrid Solar Cells ▶


Chawloon Thu, Philipp Ehrenreich, Ka Kan Wong et al.


Interaction of Glide Dislocations with Extended Precipitates in Mg-Nd alloys ▶


Zhihua Huang, John E. Allison, Amit Misra


THz characterization and demonstration of visible-transparent/terahertz-functional electromagnetic structures in ultra-conductive La-doped BaSnO3 Films ▶


Sara Arezoomandan, Abhinav Prakash, Ashish Chanana et al.


Wrinkled Nitrogen-doped Carbon Belts ▶


Juan L. Fajardo-Díaz, Florentino López-Urías, Emilio Muñoz-Sandoval


Solution processable and optically switchable 1D photonic structures ▶


Giuseppe M. Paternò, Chiara Iseppon, Alessia D’Altri et al.


Non-empirical identification of trigger sites in heterogeneous processes using persistent homology ▶


Masao Kimura, Ippei Obayashi, Yasuo Takeichi et al.


Controlling and modelling the wetting properties of III-V semiconductor surfaces using re-entrant nanostructures ▶


Wing H. Ng, Yao Lu, Huiyun Liu et al.


Strong mechanical squeezing in an electromechanical system ▶


Ling-Juan Feng, Gong-Wei Lin, Li Deng et al.


An integrated microfluidic device for the sorting of yeast cells using image processing ▶


Bo Yang Yu, Caglar Elbuken, Chong Shen et al.


Reduced graphene oxide (rGO) based wideband optical sensor and the role of Temperature, Defect States and Quantum Efficiency ▶


Abid, Poonam Sehrawat, S. S. Islam et al.


Snap-through transition of buckled graphene membranes for memcapacitor applications ▶


Ruslan D. Yamaletdinov, Oleg V. Ivakhnenko, Olga V. Sedelnikova et al.


Validity of Weyl fermion picture for transition metals monopnictides TaAs, TaP, NbAs, and NbP from ab initio studies ▶


Davide Grassano, Olivia Pulci, Adriano Mosca Conte et al.


Spin canting across core/shell Fe3O4/MnxFe3−xO4 nanoparticles ▶


Samuel D. Oberdick, Ahmed Abdelgawad, Carlos Moya et al.


Synthetic dimensions in ultracold polar molecules ▶


Bhuvanesh Sundar, Bryce Gadway, Kaden R. A. Hazzard


Multi-terminal spin valve in a strong Rashba channel exhibiting three resistance states ▶


Joo-hyeon Lee, Hyung-jun Kim, Joonyeon Chang et al.


Lifetime of racetrack skyrmions ▶


Pavel F. Bessarab, Gideon P. Müller, Igor S. Lobanov et al.


Three dimensional metal/N-doped nanoplate carbon catalysts for oxygen reduction, the reason for using a layered nanoreactor ▶


Mohammad Yeganeh Ghotbi, Arash Javanmard, Hassan Soleimani


Coupling a single solid-state quantum emitter to an array of resonant plasmonic antennas ▶


Markus Pfeiffer, Paola Atkinson, Armando Rastelli et al.


Difference in anisotropic etching characteristics of alkaline and copper based acid solutions for single-crystalline Si ▶


Wei Chen, Yaoping Liu, Lixia Yang et al.


Gate Modulation of the Spin-orbit Interaction in Bilayer Graphene Encapsulated by WS2 films ▶


Amir Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Farooq Khan, Ghazanfar Nazir et al.


Tunable Mechanical Metamaterials through Hybrid Kirigami Structures ▶


Doh-Gyu Hwang, Michael D. Bartlett


Energy storage in structural composites by introducing CNT fiber/polymer electrolyte interleaves ▶


Evgeny Senokos, Yunfu Ou, Juan Jose Torres et al.


Visualisation of DCP, a nerve agent mimic, in Catfish brain by a simple chemosensor ▶


Himadri Sekhar Sarkar, Ayndrila Ghosh, Sujoy Das et al.

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