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dinsdag 27 februari 2018

Bullying among trust’s A&E nurses created ‘tribal culture’

Bullying among trust's A&E nurses created 'tribal culture'
A bullying culture between accident and emergency department nurses at a hospital trust in Merseyside has led to "tribal divisions" between staff and has been perpetuated by bosses failing to intervene, an independent report has found.
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Prison nurses urged to screen offenders for head injury history
Offenders should be routinely checked for signs of past head injuries that could lead to further problems down the line, according to researchers.
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Carers want more info from nurses on changes near end of life
A charity has called for "greater dialogue" between healthcare professionals and families about what to expect, and what they can do, as the death of someone close approaches.
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New awards celebrate general practice nursing in Manchester
Michelle Corcoran, from the Longford Street Medical Centre in Heywood, has been named as Greater Manchester's inaugural "practice nurse of the year".
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Global nursing campaign launched by Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge has both launched and become patron of a new global campaign to raise the profile and status of nursing, which was launched today.
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Plan to make Northern Ireland's district nursing service 24/7
Northern Ireland's health department has launched a plan designed to make provision by the country's district nursing teams 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.
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