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vrijdag 16 februari 2018

BBC Health: Teenager Mercy Ngulube with HIV fighting for change

Teenager Mercy Ngulube with HIV fighting for change
For 16 years, Mercy Ngulube felt unable to tell people she had HIV - but now she's a vocal campaigner.
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'How doodling helped my depression'
James Garden says drawing helps him cope with his feelings.
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Top women doctors lose out in NHS pay stakes
The best paid male consultant pocketed £740,000 last year - two-and-a-half times that of the top woman.
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DNA tests for UK's nuclear bomb veterans
A genetic study will look at whether damage was done to the DNA of veterans who saw nuclear weapon tests.
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What you need to know about bread
Ultra-processed foods have been linked to cancer - so should we be worried about eating bread?
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