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maandag 26 februari 2018

BBC Health: The blind MMA champion helping others defend themselves

The blind MMA champion helping others defend themselves
When Ronald Dlamini went blind it ended his sporting career, but now he's training other blind people to protect themselves.
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'Baby factory' mystery: Thailand's surrogacy saga reaches uneasy end
The custody case of Mitsutoki Shigeta is one of the strangest to emerge from Asia's thriving industry.
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Call to end 'taboo' of talking about death
A charity wants a "national conversation" about death, saying the topic is now taboo for many.
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Fighting female suicide in a country with a tragic record
How one former beauty queen made it her mission to reduce the rate of female suicide in her country.
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Many adults 'don't know signs of eating disorders'
The charity Beat says lack of knowledge is linked to more risk of the illness becoming life-threatening.
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