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dinsdag 30 januari 2018

Use of video feedback by health visitors ‘helps vulnerable families’

Use of video feedback by health visitors 'helps vulnerable families'
Use of video feedback by health visitors as part of their work with new parents strengthens the relationship between the infant child and the mother, according to Danish public health researchers.
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Frail older adults 'more likely to experience delirium after surgery'
Older adults who are also frail are twice as likely to experience delirium following elective surgery than others of nan older age, a new review by Canadian researchers suggests.
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Trust using office staff on wards to free-up hard-pressed nurses
A Yorkshire trust has released some of its administrative and HR staff from their normal day jobs to act as "runners" on wards, so nurses and healthcare professionals can concentrate on patient care.
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Essex hospital nurses praised for coping with spike in sick children
Senior nurses at Colchester Hospital have praised staff for their "fantastic team work" in treating a significantly higher number of children than a year ago.
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NHS staff to get first refusal on 3,000 new homes, says DH
NHS staff will be given first refusal to buy up to 3,000 new homes that are set to be built on health service land deemed to be surplus to requirement, according to the government.
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'Slight' improvement in women's view of maternity care
Women are slightly more positive about their experiences of maternity treatment than previously, according to the latest survey by the Care Quality Commission.
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