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donderdag 4 januari 2018

The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 04 January 2018; Vol. 37, No. 1

04 January 2018 | Volume 37, Number 1 Submit

Table of Contents


Volume 37, Number 1


Rab29 GTPase emerges as a master regulator of LRRK2, controlling its activation, Golgi localization and potentially biomarker phosphorylation.

Elena Purlyte, Herschel S Dhekne, Adil R Sarhan, Rachel Gomez, Pawel Lis, Melanie Wightman, Terina N Martinez, Francesca Tonelli, Suzanne R Pfeffer and Dario R Alessi
Published online 06.12.2017 Open Access


Innate immune kinase TBK1‐dependent activation of mTORC1 occurs in response to pathogen recognition and EGF receptor activation and drives interferon production, thus highlighting the role of mTOR for innate immunity.

Cagri Bodur, Dubek Kazyken, Kezhen Huang, Bilgen Ekim Ustunel, Kate A Siroky, Aaron Seth Tooley, Ian E Gonzalez, Daniel H Foley, Hugo A Acosta‐Jaquez, Tammy M Barnes, Gabrielle K Steinl, Kae‐Won Cho, Carey N Lumeng, Steven M Riddle, Martin G Myers, Jr and Diane C Fingar
Published online 17.11.2017


Gain‐ and loss‐of‐function studies in mouse cells and knock‐out animals unequivocally define the transmembrane guanylyl cyclase GC‐G as the receptor binding to and mediating the stress‐associated effects of the alarm pheromone SBT.

Ying‐Chi Chao, Joerg Fleischer and Ruey‐Bing Yang
Published online 28.09.2017


Dephosphorylation of the viral restriction factor SAMHD1 via a p53/p21‐mediated pathway suggests that chemotherapeutic drugs could limit cellular HIV‐1 reservoirs at a post‐reverse transcription step.

Petra Mlcochova, Sarah J Caswell, Ian A Taylor, Greg J Towers and Ravindra K Gupta
Published online 30.10.2017 Open Access


DNA kinking by HEAT‐like repeats and an immunoglobulin‐like domain exemplify a new mechanism for bulky lesion exposure and excision in the absence of base‐flipping.

Rongxin Shi, Elwood A Mullins, Xing‐Xing Shen, Kori T Lay, Philip K Yuen, Sheila S David, Antonis Rokas and Brandt F Eichman
Published online 20.10.2017


Argonaute2, the key effector of microRNA‐mediated gene silencing, controls base‐pairing in the miRNA seed region to facilitate fast and accurate binding of target mRNAs.

Shannon M Klum, Stanley D Chandradoss, Nicole T Schirle, Chirlmin Joo and Ian J MacRae
Published online 22.09.2017


Deubiquitinating enzymes‐mediated removal of an N‐terminal ubiquitin‐like domain in Sde2 serves as a checkpoint for incorporation in the spliceosome and ensures proper splicing for a subset of mRNAs in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Poonam Thakran, Prashant Arun Pandit, Sumanjit Datta, Kiran Kumar Kolathur, Jeffrey A Pleiss and Shravan Kumar Mishra
Published online 25.09.2017


In addition to creating new actin filaments via the Arp2/3 complex, WASP‐family proteins promote actin filament growth by recruiting actin monomers and actin‐profilin complexes to membrane surfaces.

Peter Bieling, Scott D Hansen, Orkun Akin, Tai‐De Li, Carl C Hayden, Daniel A Fletcher and R Dyche Mullins
Published online 15.11.2017 Open Access


Structure‐based abrogation of calmodulin/PSD‐95 interaction reveals how activity‐induced calcium influx couples to AMPA receptor displacement and reduction in synaptic strength.

Dhrubajyoti Chowdhury, Matthew Turner, Tommaso Patriarchi, Anne C Hergarden, David Anderson, Yonghong Zhang, Junqing Sun, Chao‐Yin Chen, James B Ames and Johannes W Hell
Published online 08.11.2017


Enhanced fixation speed and better preservation of cytosolic nanostructures and membrane‐bound antigens make the small dialdehyde glyoxal a promising substitute for the commonly used paraformaldehyde.

Katharina N Richter, Natalia H Revelo, Katharina J Seitz, Martin S Helm, Deblina Sarkar, Rebecca S Saleeb, Elisa D'Este, Jessica Eberle, Eva Wagner, Christian Vogl, Diana F Lazaro, Frank Richter, Javier Coy‐Vergara, Giovanna Coceano, Edward S Boyden, Rory R Duncan, Stefan W Hell, Marcel A Lauterbach, Stephan E Lehnart, Tobias Moser, Tiago F Outeiro, Peter Rehling, Blanche Schwappach, Ilaria Testa, Bolek Zapiec and Silvio O Rizzoli
Published online 16.11.2017 Open Access

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