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dinsdag 9 januari 2018

Scientific Reports Biology Table of Contents e-alert: 9 January 2018

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  09 January 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Dietary soybean meal affects intestinal homoeostasis by altering the microbiota, morphology and inflammatory cytokine gene expression in northern snakehead ▶


Shuyan Miao, Chenze Zhao, Jinyu Zhu et al.


Genomic diversity and distribution of Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum across the human lifespan ▶


Toshitaka Odamaki, Francesca Bottacini, Kumiko Kato et al.


Inhibition of RGMa alleviates symptoms in a rat model of neuromyelitis optica ▶


Kana Harada, Yuki Fujita, Tatsusada Okuno et al.


Assessment of Polysaccharides from Mycelia of genus Ganoderma by Mid-Infrared and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy ▶


Yuhan Ma, Huaqi He, Jingzhu Wu et al.


Promoting Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-driven Biomineralization and Periodontal Regeneration in Rats with Maxillary-Molar Defects using Injectable BMP-6 Hydrogel ▶


Ke-Hung Chien, Yuh-Lih Chang, Mong-Lien Wang et al.


Lateralized behavior and cardiac activity of dogs in response to human emotional vocalizations ▶


Marcello Siniscalchi, Serenella d’Ingeo, Serena Fornelli et al.


Ensemble landmarking of 3D facial surface scans ▶


Markus A. de Jong, Pirro Hysi, Tim Spector et al.


Disclosing the double mutualist role of birds on Galápagos ▶


Jens M. Olesen, Christian F. Damgaard, Francisco Fuster et al.


TRAF2 in osteotropic breast cancer cells enhances skeletal tumour growth and promotes osteolysis ▶


Prabha Peramuhendige, Silvia Marino, Ryan T. Bishop et al.


Blockade of soluble epoxide hydrolase attenuates post-ischemic neuronal hyperexcitation and confers resilience against stroke with TrkB activation ▶


Li-Hsin Chang, Hui-Ching Lin, Shiang-Suo Huang et al.


The gating mechanism in cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels ▶


Monica Mazzolini, Manuel Arcangeletti, Arin Marchesi et al.


Species-specific Posture of Human Foetus in Late First Trimester ▶


Yoshiyuki Ohmura, Seiichi Morokuma, Kiyoko Kato et al.


Adipocyte-activated oxidative and ER stress pathways promote tumor survival in bone via upregulation of Heme Oxygenase 1 and Survivin ▶


Mackenzie K. Herroon, Erandi Rajagurubandara, Jonathan D. Diedrich et al.


A novel rat CVB1-VP1 monoclonal antibody 3A6 detects a broad range of enteroviruses ▶


Niila V. V. Saarinen, Jutta E. Laiho, Sarah J. Richardson et al.


Segmented cell analyses to measure redox states of autofluorescent NAD(P)H, FAD & Trp in cancer cells by FLIM ▶


Horst Wallrabe, Zdenek Svindrych, Shagufta R. Alam et al.


Application of variable selection in the origin discrimination of Wolfiporia cocos (F.A. Wolf) Ryvarden & Gilb. based on near infrared spectroscopy ▶


Tianjun Yuan, Yanli Zhao, Ji Zhang et al.


Towards high throughput GPCR crystallography: In Meso soaking of Adenosine A2A Receptor crystals ▶


Prakash Rucktooa, Robert K. Y. Cheng, Elena Segala et al.


Analysis of sequential hair segments reflects changes in the metabolome across the trimesters of pregnancy ▶


Thibaut D. J. Delplancke, Jamie V. de Seymour, Chao Tong et al.


Low-dimensional organization of angular momentum during walking on a narrow beam ▶


Enrico Chiovetto, Meghan E. Huber, Dagmar Sternad et al.


Determinants of E2-ubiquitin conjugate recognition by RBR E3 ligases ▶


Luigi Martino, Nicholas R. Brown, Laura Masino et al.


Associations of Tumor PD-1 Ligands, Immunohistochemical Studies, and Textural Features in 18F-FDG PET in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck ▶


Rui-Yun Chen, Ying-Chun Lin, Wei-Chih Shen et al.


Radiogenomic analysis of hypoxia pathway is predictive of overall survival in Glioblastoma ▶


Niha Beig, Jay Patel, Prateek Prasanna et al.


SCFAs strongly stimulate PYY production in human enteroendocrine cells ▶


P. Larraufie, C. Martin-Gallausiaux, N. Lapaque et al.


CLIQ-BID: A method to quantify bacteria-induced damage to eukaryotic cells by automated live-imaging of bright nuclei ▶


Yann Wallez, Stéphanie Bouillot, Emmanuelle Soleilhac et al.


Short heatwaves during fluctuating incubation regimes produce females under temperature-dependent sex determination with implications for sex ratios in nature ▶


A. W. Carter, B. M. Sadd, T. D. Tuberville et al.


Structural Basis for the Enhanced Anti-Diabetic Efficacy of Lobeglitazone on PPARγ ▶


Jun Young Jang, Hwan Bae, Yong Jae Lee et al.


Variation in salinity tolerance between and within anadromous subpopulations of pike (Esox 1ucius) ▶


Johanna Sunde, Carl Tamario, Petter Tibblin et al.


Local delivery of hormonal therapy with silastic tubing for prevention and treatment of breast cancer ▶


Jeenah Park, Scott Thomas, Allison Y. Zhong et al.


A WNT protein therapeutic improves the bone-forming capacity of autografts from aged animals ▶


Tao Chen, Jingtao Li, Luis A. Córdova et al.


Mechanistic insights into remodeled Tau-derived PHF6 peptide fibrils by Naphthoquinone-Tryptophan hybrids ▶


V. Guru KrishnaKumar, Ashim Paul, Ehud Gazit et al.


Combined shRNA over CRISPR/cas9 as a methodology to detect off-target effects and a potential compensatory mechanism ▶


Liat Peretz, Elazar Besser, Renana Hajbi et al.


Spontaneous and training-induced cortical plasticity in MD patients: Hints from lateral masking ▶


Marcello Maniglia, Vincent Soler, Benoit Cottereau et al.


Phylogenomics illuminates the backbone of the Myriapoda Tree of Life and reconciles morphological and molecular phylogenies ▶


Rosa Fernández, Gregory D. Edgecombe, Gonzalo Giribet


Evidence for a radiation-responsive ‘p53 gateway’ contributing significantly to the radioresistance of lepidopteran insect cells ▶


Ashish Kumar, Sudhir Chandna


A specific form of prefibrillar aggregates that functions as a precursor of amyloid nucleation ▶


Naoki Yamamoto, Shoko Tsuhara, Atsuo Tamura et al.


Bidirectional modulation between infiltrating CD3+ T-lymphocytes and astrocytes in the spinal cord drives the development of allodynia in monoarthritic rats ▶


Ya-Lan Zhou, Shu-Zhuan Zhou, Hao-Ling Li et al.


In situ immune response and mechanisms of cell damage in central nervous system of fatal cases microcephaly by Zika virus ▶


Raimunda S. S. Azevedo, Jorge R. de Sousa, Marialva T. F. Araujo et al.


LSD1 activation promotes inducible EMT programs and modulates the tumour microenvironment in breast cancer ▶


T. Boulding, R. D. McCuaig, A. Tan et al.


Evolution of higher torque in Campylobacter-type bacterial flagellar motors ▶


Bonnie Chaban, Izaak Coleman, Morgan Beeby


Sensorimotor abilities predict on-field performance in professional baseball ▶


Kyle Burris, Kelly Vittetoe, Benjamin Ramger et al.


Surface functionalization of electrospun scaffolds using recombinant human decorin attracts circulating endothelial progenitor cells ▶


Svenja Hinderer, Katrin Sudrow, Maria Schneider et al.


Chunking in working memory via content-free labels ▶


Liqiang Huang, Edward Awh


High content image analysis reveals function of miR-124 upstream of Vimentin in regulating motor neuron mitochondria ▶


Tal Yardeni, Raquel Fine, Yuvraj Joshi et al.


Transcriptome changes induced by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) roots ▶


Alberto Vangelisti, Lucia Natali, Rodolfo Bernardi et al.


A central role for PI3K-AKT signaling pathway in linking SAMHD1-deficiency to the type I interferon signature ▶


Changhoon Oh, Jeongmin Ryoo, Kiwon Park et al.


Genetic variations in NF-κB were associated with the susceptibility to hepatitis C virus infection among Chinese high-risk population ▶


Ting Tian, Jie Wang, Peng Huang et al.


Integrated Analysis of Gene Expression Differences in Twins Discordant for Disease and Binary Phenotypes ▶


Sivateja Tangirala, Chirag J. Patel


Epidemiological modelling of the 2005 French riots: a spreading wave and the role of contagion ▶


Laurent Bonnasse-Gahot, Henri Berestycki, Marie-Aude Depuiset et al.


Comparative analysis of bones, mites, soil chemistry, nematodes and soil micro-eukaryotes from a suspected homicide to estimate the post-mortem interval ▶


Ildikó Szelecz, Sandra Lösch, Christophe V. W. Seppey et al.


Ecological plasticity in the gastrointestinal microbiomes of Ethiopian Chlorocebus monkeys ▶


Pål Trosvik, Eli K. Rueness, Eric J. de Muinck et al.


Discovering viral genomes in human metagenomic data by predicting unknown protein families ▶


Mauricio Barrientos-Somarribas, David N. Messina, Christian Pou et al.


A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Topical Administration of Fibrin Sealant in Total Hip Arthroplasty ▶


Zhihu Zhao, Xinlong Ma, Jianxiong Ma et al.


Systematic analysis of the regulatory roles of microRNAs in postnatal maturation and metergasis of liver of breeder cocks ▶


Shengru Wu, Wei Guo, Saisai Liang et al.


Yield and resource use efficiency of Plukenetia volubilis plants at two distinct growth stages as affected by irrigation and fertilization ▶


He-De Gong, Yan-Jing Geng, Chun Yang et al.


Characterization of the interactions between inhibitor-1 and recombinant PP1 by NMR spectroscopy ▶


Chu-Ting Liang, Yu-Shan Lin, Yi-Choang Huang et al.


Exploring Viral Diversity in a Unique South African Soil Habitat ▶


Jane Segobola, Evelien Adriaenssens, Tsepo Tsekoa et al.


Increased pulse wave transit time after percutaneous coronary intervention procedure in CAD patients ▶


Lizhen Ji, Chengyu Liu, Peng Li et al.


MHC class I expression in intestinal cells is reduced by rotavirus infection and increased in bystander cells lacking rotavirus antigen ▶


Gavan Holloway, Fiona E. Fleming, Barbara S. Coulson


Creating flexible motor memories in human walking ▶


Kristan A. Leech, Ryan T. Roemmich, Amy J. Bastian


Demographic expansion of two Tamarix species along the Yellow River caused by geological events and climate change in the Pleistocene ▶


Hong-yan Liang, Zhi-pei Feng, Bing Pei et al.


Closed-loop control of trunk posture improves locomotion through the regulation of leg proprioceptive feedback after spinal cord injury ▶


Eduardo Martin Moraud, Joachim von Zitzewitz, Jenifer Miehlbradt et al.


Characterisation of the antibacterial properties of the recombinant phage endolysins AP50-31 and LysB4 as potent bactericidal agents against Bacillus anthracis ▶


Sangjin Park, Soo Youn Jun, Chang-Hwan Kim et al.


Putative functional genes in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy ▶


Nishanth Ulhas Nair, Avinash Das, Uri Amit et al.


Generation of Functional Dopaminergic Neurons from Reprogramming Fibroblasts by Nonviral-based Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles ▶


Jen-Hsuan Chang, Ping-Hsing Tsai, Kai-Yi Wang et al.


Frequency selectivity of echo responses in the mouse primary auditory cortex ▶


Meng Wang, Ruijie Li, Jingcheng Li et al.


Attentional gain is modulated by probabilistic feature expectations in a spatial cueing task: ERP evidence ▶


Anna Marzecová, Antonio Schettino, Andreas Widmann et al.


Bace1-dependent amyloid processing regulates hypothalamic leptin sensitivity in obese mice ▶


Paul J. Meakin, Susan M. Jalicy, Gemma Montagut et al.


Swarm incursions of reassortants of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus strains H5N8 and H5N5, clade, Germany, winter 2016/17 ▶


Anne Pohlmann, Elke Starick, Christian Grund et al.


Climate Warming as a Possible Trigger of Keystone Mussel Population Decline in Oligotrophic Rivers at the Continental Scale ▶


Ivan N. Bolotov, Alexander A. Makhrov, Mikhail Yu. Gofarov et al.

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