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maandag 29 januari 2018

RCGP: RCGP supports Academy response to High Court ruling on Dr Bawa-Garba case

RCGP supports Academy response to High Court ruling on Dr Bawa-Garba case

It would be inappropriate for the Academy to comment on the specifics of the tragic case of the death of a child that led to yesterday's High Court ruling where Dr Bawa-Garba was erased from the medical register. Nothing positive can be said to have come from this – which makes it particularly sad.

That said, the Academy does believe the case brings into sharp focus a number of deeply concerning issues which must be addressed with some urgency. These are:

  • Doctors in training must be given adequate high-quality clinical supervision, even in the most stressful and pressured environments. They must be confident that they are able to make decisions with sufficient oversight from consultants in a way that protects them and their patients while allowing them to work and develop.
  • All staff must be encouraged and be able to reflect honestly, openly and safely, and without the fear of recrimination as part of the vital learning process. The threat of this being used in a potentially negative way may potentially promote a lack of candour as well as loss of learning opportunities.
  • Understanding that safe and effective care is delivered through systems – and each part of these systems must function. This, by definition includes the need to ensure safe staffing levels, functioning IT, supporting those returning to work and must be scrutinised as a whole and improved in the light of near misses, safety incidents or patients being harmed.

Patient safety is paramount and learning from previous experience in an environment of openness fosters this. The Academy recognises that medical Royal Colleges and faculties have a role to play in helping to ensure that all doctors in training are fully supported by both clinical and educational supervisors, that there are mechanisms for safe reflective learning and standards are set that include all parts of the system.

Professor Carrie MacEwen, Chair, AoMRC

Dr Alice Wort, Chair Academy Trainee Doctors' Group

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Paracetamol or ibuprofen best treatment for sore throats, says RCGP

"Most of the time sore throats are self-limiting and should clear up without medication within a week – the majority are caused by a viral infection, not a bacterial one, so antibiotics would not work to treat them anyway. We support the NICE recommendation today that paracetamol or ibuprofen would be the most appropriate first line treatment to manage the pain caused by a sore throat.

"Antibiotics are essential drugs but the bacteria causing infections are increasingly becoming resistant to them, and when that happens they cease to work. We must use them sparingly and only when they are appropriate in order to help curb this dangerous and global trend – and we need our patients' help with this by them understanding that antibiotics are not a cure for every ill.

"The RCGP has worked with Public Health England to develop the TARGET Antibiotics toolkit to support GPs and other healthcare professionals in the appropriate prescribing of antibiotics."

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RCGP Wales warns change to IT system could be detrimental to patient care

Responding to the news, RCGP Wales Chair Dr Rebecca Payne said:

"This will be a concerning development for many of our members. GPs are already under significant pressure, many older GPs are considering retirement and there is a real risk that changing IT systems will lead to people leaving the profession. Change on this scale requires time and resource, potentially decreasing GPs' clinical time and being detrimental to patient care. We hope as much support as possible is given to practices in order to minimise disruption."

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