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maandag 8 januari 2018

Nurses sleeping less than eight hours ‘at depression risk’

Nurses sleeping less than eight hours 'at depression risk'
Nursing staff who sleep less than eight hours a night are at higher risk of developing depression and anxiety, suggests US research.
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Poor dental health increases 'risks of frailty in older men'
The presence of oral health problems is associated with greater risks of being frail and developing frailty in older age, according to UK researchers.
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Study backs two-question mental health pregnancy screening
Mental health disorders among pregnant women can be screened just as effectively by using a two-question tool as with a 10-point questionnaire, a new UK study has found.
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Women face 'sexual disadvantage' in heart attack treatment
Fewer of the thousands of women who experience a heart attack each year would die if they were given the same treatments as men, according to researchers in the UK and Sweden.
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Past falls 'independently help predict risk of bone fracture'
A patient's history of past falls can help predict their risk of bone fractures, independent of bone mineral density and other clinical factors, according to researchers.
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Inactivity has more 'severe impact' on muscles with age
Disuse of muscles due to short periods of inactivity caused, for example, by time spent in hospital can "dramatically enhance" decline in muscle mass in patients as they age, warn researchers.
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