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woensdag 10 januari 2018

Nature Nanotechnology Contents January 2018 Volume 13 Number 1 pp 1 - 92

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Nature Nanotechnology

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January 2018 Volume 13, Issue 1

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In search of advice    p1

Bigger and cheaper    p1



Reality, fantasy and civility in molecular assemblers    pp2 - 3
Chris Toumey

Research Highlights


T-cell magnetic drive    p4
Chiara Pastore

Solid-state synthesis    p4
Wenjie Sun

Growing randomness    p4
Olga Bubnova

No waste and no salt    p4
Adam Weingarten

News & Views


Write it as you like it    pp5 - 6
Cristiano Nisoli

A synthetic lethal bullet    pp6 - 7
Christian Rolfo & Elisa Giovannetti

Negative capacitance gives a positive boost    pp7 - 8
Adrian M. Ionescu

Quantum search on a single-atom qudit    pp9 - 10
Andrea Morello

Nature Nanotechnology
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Nano-opto-electro-mechanical systems    pp11 - 18
Leonardo Midolo, Albert Schliesser & Andrea Fiore

This Perspective describes the fundamental principles of nano-opto-electo-mechanical systems and their applications in communication, sensing and signal transduction.




Electric polarization switching in an atomically thin binary rock salt structure    pp19 - 23
Jose Martinez-Castro, Marten Piantek, Sonja Schubert, Mats Persson, David Serrate et al.

Electric polarization is induced in the binary rock salt layer of an ultrathin insulating heterostructure on a metal electrode, and its hysteretic reversal is demonstrated using a combination of atomically resolved scanning probe microscopies.


Steep-slope hysteresis-free negative capacitance MoS2 transistors    pp24 - 28
Mengwei Si, Chun-Jung Su, Chunsheng Jiang, Nathan J. Conrad, Hong Zhou et al.

A field-effect MoS2 transistor with a negative capacitor in its gate shows stable, hysteresis-free performance characterized by a sub-thermionic sub-threshold slope.


Observation of Dirac bands in artificial graphene in small-period nanopatterned GaAs quantum wells    pp29 - 33
Sheng Wang, Diego Scarabelli, Lingjie Du, Yuliya Y. Kuznetsova, Loren N. Pfeiffer et al.

Advanced nanoengineering of small-period AG lattices enables the observation of a vanishing density of states that suggests the presence of massless Dirac fermions.


Controllable molecular motors engineered from myosin and RNA    pp34 - 40
Tosan Omabegho, Pinar S. Gurel, Clarence Y. Cheng, Laura Y. Kim, Paul V. Ruijgrok et al.

A hybrid molecular motor made of an engineered protein and an RNA lever arm shows bidirectional transport controlled by oligonucleotide signals.


Out-of-plane heat transfer in van der Waals stacks through electron–hyperbolic phonon coupling    pp41 - 46
Klaas-Jan Tielrooij, Niels C. H. Hesp, Alessandro Principi, Mark B. Lundeberg, Eva A. A. Pogna et al.

Observation of an efficient out-of-plane energy transfer channel in van der Waals heterostructures, where charge carriers in graphene couple to hyperbolic phonon–polaritons on a picosecond timescale.




A graphene Zener–Klein transistor cooled by a hyperbolic substrate    pp47 - 52
Wei Yang, Simon Berthou, Xiaobo Lu, Quentin Wilmart, Anne Denis et al.

Boron-nitride-supported graphene transistors show prominent current and noise temperature saturation due to hyperbolic phonon emission by non-equilibrium electron–hole pairs.


Realization of ground state in artificial kagome spin ice via topological defect-driven magnetic writing    pp53 - 58
Jack C. Gartside, Daan M. Arroo, David M. Burn, Victoria L. Bemmer, Andy Moskalenko et al.

Elusive magnetic configurations of geometrically frustrated artificial kagome dipolar spin ices are realized by means of topological defect-driven magnetic writing.


Radiative control of dark excitons at room temperature by nano-optical antenna-tip Purcell effect    pp59 - 64


Tip-enhanced photoluminescence spectroscopy allows for modulation and radiative control of dark exciton emission at room temperature.


Bacterial resistance to silver nanoparticles and how to overcome it    pp65 - 71
Aleš Panácek, Libor Kvítek, Monika Smékalová, Renata Vecerová, Milan Kolár et al.

Gram-negative bacteria exposed to subinhibitory concentrations of silver nanoparticles can develop resistance to their antibiotic activity due to the production of flagellin, an adhesive protein of the bacterial flagellum, which causes the aggregation of silver nanoparticles.


Synthetically lethal nanoparticles for treatment of endometrial cancer    pp72 - 81
Kareem Ebeid, Xiangbing Meng, Kristina W. Thiel, Anh-Vu Do, Sean M. Geary et al.

The combination of paclitaxel and the antiangiogenic agent BIBF 1120, loaded into nanoparticles, induces synthetic lethality in endometrial cancers with specific mutations in the tumour suppressor p53, providing the first step towards personalized medicine for endometrial cancer.


Nanoparticle orientation to control RNA loading and ligand display on extracellular vesicles for cancer regression    pp82 - 89
Fengmei Pi, Daniel W. Binzel, Tae Jin Lee, Zhefeng Li, Meiyan Sun et al.

RNA nanotechnology is utilized for directional control by altering the orientation of arrow-shaped RNAs for either ligand-display on extracellular vesicle or to regulate intracellular trafficking of siRNA or miRNA in cancer treatment.


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In the Classroom


Research, discovery and failure    p92
Deji Akinwande

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