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vrijdag 5 januari 2018

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Surface Engineering eBulletin No 3

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HSE's Surface Engineering eBulletin No 3

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This free eBulletin from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is to provide you with specific updates, news and information that may be of interest to the Surface Engineering industry.

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News from HSE

Go Home Healthy

Everyone should go home healthy from work.  Twelve thousand workers die each year from lung disease. Nine million working days are lost each year because of musculoskeletal disorders. Twelve million working days were lost last year because of stress. Find out more by visiting the Go Home Healthy Webpages.

Sector plans and Health priority plans

HSE's focus over the next 3–5 years is set out in sector and cross-cutting thematic plans. These cover 19 industry sectors and 3 themes on work-related ill health.

They have benefited from the input of employers, trade unions and professional bodies, and reflect the direction we set out in Helping Great Britain work well.

The Manufacturing Sector Plan covers a diverse range of activities, from engineering, small-scale motor vehicle repair, woodworking and metal fabrication, paper and plastic manufacture, food and drink production to car manufacture, heavy engineering and shipbuilding. On average, 27 workers are killed each year in this sector, accounting for almost 20% of all workplace fatalities.

Known health issues across the sector include musculoskeletal disorders, work-related stress and occupational lung disease.

Sunset date for Chromium VI compounds: what should downstream users do?

The sunset date was 21 September 2017 but at present the authorisation is yet to be ratified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Once ratification has been completed, from that date all downstream users need to have registered their use of Chromium Trioxide, and under what authorisation, with ECHA. The chemical also needs to be used under the condition set out by that authorisation. More information can be found on the European Chemicals Agency Website.

Research Reports, Consultations and Projects

Scoping study on multi-site delivery issues for heavy goods vehicles

The purpose of this scoping study was to establish whether there were specific safety issues relating to multi-site deliveries, and how widespread these were within the UK road haulage industry. This study builds on previous work carried out on load securing of goods transported by road. More information on this study can be found on HSE's Research Webpages.

Research report on solvent-based hydrophobic coatings and risks for acute respiratory toxicity

Water repellent coatings are increasingly used by different industries to reduce water and dirt sticking to surfaces. The coatings can be applied by processes that minimise the risk that operators inhale the product but there is evidence that some products are applied by spraying, creating an inhalable mist. This review examined evidence about these coatings and whether lung disease occurs when applied by spraying. The full report can be found on HSE's Research Website.

Shared Research Project - Flammable Mists

There's a pressing need for clear guidance on mist hazards to allow operators to determine the extent of areas where flammable mists may be present and to select appropriate equipment for use in those areas. A project on the formation and mitigation of flammable mists was initiated and although the work undertaken represented a major step forward in understanding this phenomenon, knowledge of flammable mists is still relatively limited in comparison to flammable gases.

HSE would like to invite stakeholders to a workshop to discuss a potential HSE Shared Research Project to address some of the outstanding issues. For more information and to take part visit HSL's Website.

Consultation on implementing new and revised Workplace Exposure Limits

HSE is now consulting on the implementation of new and revised Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Values (IOELVs) for thirty-one chemical substances to help protect workers from the ill-health effects of exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace.

The consultation period ends on 2 February 2018 and you can fill in the questionnaire online. 

For more information on the consultation – and to view the consultative document – visit HSE's Website.

HSE Specialist Recruitment

HSE are recruiting. We are looking for experienced engineers to come join us as Specialist Inspectors. Find out more about these challenging, yet rewarding roles by visiting HSE's Website for more details about the following roles.

Recent Fines and Prosecutions

Engineering firm sentenced for legionella risk

An engineering firm has been fined £10,000 and ordered to pay costs of over £5,000 after failing to adequately control the risk of legionella bacteria arising from the use of a tunnel wash associated with a powder coating process. Employees and contractors were exposed to the risk of legionella bacteria due to the failure of the company to put in place effective management arrangements to control that risk arising from the tunnel wash at its powder coating plant. More information on the prosecution can be found on HSE's Press Release. More information on Legionnaires Disease and Legionella visit HSE's Website.

Company fined after worker suffers crush injuries

A Lancashire based coatings company has been fined £3,000 and ordered to pay costs of over £22,000 after a worker was crushed under machinery. The worker was cleaning the dispersion mixing machine at the company's premises in Manchester sat on one of the clamping arms when it suddenly toppled over and pinned his leg underneath the machine. More information on the accident and fine can be found on HSE's Press Release.



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