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donderdag 11 januari 2018

BBC Health: Pupils' school bags searched for unhealthy food

Pupils' school bags searched for unhealthy food
The Charles Dickens School says any unhealthy food and drinks found will not be returned to pupils.
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Why do the majority of NHS staff not get the flu vaccine?
Less than half of healthcare workers in Scotland are taking up the offer of a flu jab. Why?
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We've run out of beds, warn hospital bosses
NHS chiefs say care is being compromised as staff struggle to cope on unsafe and over-crowded wards.
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Gig Buddies helps people with learning difficulties to go out
A charity pairs people with learning difficulties, who feel daunted by going to gigs, with volunteers.
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Car share: Driving away depression
Like Minds: The little yellow car that's tackling depression.
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