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dinsdag 30 januari 2018

BBC Health: 'Period ban is ruining my education'

'Period ban is ruining my education'
Ghanaian schoolgirls have been banned from crossing a river to get to school while they are menstruating - and on Tuesdays.
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Personal Independence payments: All 1.6 million claims to be reviewed
Around 1.6 million cases will be looked at, with 220,000 claimants expected to receive more money.
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Hadiza Bawa-Garba: Medics rally behind struck off doctor
Thousands sign a letter criticising the case and more than £200,000 is raised for legal costs.
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'I hope someone gives my life back to me'
The young Asian woman whose life is on hold waiting for a new kidney.
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Transgender people face two-year wait for NHS appointment
Waiting times for initial consultations for transgender patients soars, despite an NHS pledge.
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