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dinsdag 2 januari 2018

BBC Health: MBE for author of 'instruction manual' for autism

MBE for author of 'instruction manual' for autism
Deborah Brownson's experience as the parent of two autistic boys inspired book and support campaign.
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Surge in Scottish ambulance calls at new year
The Scottish Ambulance Service says it has been "a challenge" to cope with a 38% rise in calls.
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Obesity 'my prison'
A 34 stone woman says she is desperate to lose weight but there is no help for her in north Wales.
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Health headlines in 2018
The BBC's global health correspondent Tulip Mazumdar takes us through what health stories to expect in the new year.
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Taiwan dentist must repay mother for training fees
They signed a contract when he was 20, saying he would pay her 60% of his income after he qualified.
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