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woensdag 31 januari 2018

BBC Health: Just promising NHS money 'not good enough'

Just promising NHS money 'not good enough'
More reform - not just extra money - is needed to ensure the NHS stays relevant, says Lord Darzi.
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'Forget 10,000 steps'
Experts say there is a better way to get fit than counting your steps.
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10,000 steps: Marketing ploy or fit for purpose?
Is the daily target of walking 10,000 steps really just a marketing ploy? We put it to the test.
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'Overwhelming' evidence for adding folic acid to flour
The B vitamin, which can prevent birth defects, will not harm the general public, a study says.
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Children's hyponatraemia deaths report to be published
The hyponatraemia inquiry into how hospitals managed the fluids of five children who died has taken 14 years.
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