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woensdag 3 januari 2018

BBC Health: How to make your lunchboxes healthier

How to make your lunchboxes healthier
Parents are being urged to provide healthier snacks to children but which snacks are the most calorific?
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Abortion clinics to be given star ratings by Care Quality Commission
All healthcare organisations in England offering regulated care will have to publicly display results.
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Fizz equals fat?
We know fizzy drinks are full of calories, but is it the sugar or the bubbles that swell our waists?
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Struggling hospitals facing 'huge tragedy'
Patients left for hours on trolleys and ambulances queuing outside A&E as hospitals run out of beds.
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'Crohn's disease' patient had Heinz sachet in gut
Doctors treating a patient with acute abdominal pain find pieces of sachet in her intestine.
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