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maandag 8 januari 2018

BBC Health: Gaza conjoined twins survive separation surgery

Gaza conjoined twins survive separation surgery
Baby girls Farah and Haneen, joined at the abdomen, are separated after surgery in Saudi Arabia.
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Middle-aged can reverse heart risk with exercise, study suggests
But there is a catch - it takes two years of aerobic exercise, four to five days a week, a study says.
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What is 'Aussie' flu and should we be worried?
The NHS is braced for a bad flu season as the 'Australian' virus strain H3N2 dominates.
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The child whose skin blisters at the slightest touch
Moin Younis goes through an excruciating skin care routine each day, that can last up to six hours.
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Baby's heart surgery cancelled five times by Leeds hospital
One-year-old Evelyn Johnston-Smith needed surgery to repair a hole in her heart
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