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dinsdag 9 januari 2018

BBC Health: Apple investors urge action on 'smartphone addiction'

Apple investors urge action on 'smartphone addiction'
Two major shareholders are urging Apple to address the growing issue of smartphone addiction among youngsters.
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Daughter's death from sepsis 'will stay with me forever'
A mother describes the harrowing moment her 17-year-old daughter died suddenly of sepsis.
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'Raw water': A dangerous new health craze?
Start-ups in the US are charging up to £4 per litre of untreated spring water.
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Male suicide: The sisters fighting for their dad
Emma and Toni on the five letters that could save another man like their dad.
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Coconut oil
Coconut oil sales are rocketing, but is it a cholesterol-busting wonder food, or is this dangerous hype?
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