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dinsdag 5 december 2017

The Lancet: [News] 131I radiation exposure and thyroid cancer

[News] 131I radiation exposure and thyroid cancer
A new study has established a dose–response relation between exposure to radiation and the predominance of gene fusions in thyroid cancer.
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[News] Identifying precursor lesions of pancreatic cancer
Researchers in Sweden have developed a targeted proteomic analysis to identify potential cystic precursors to pancreatic adenocarcinomas.
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[News] Soft-tissue sarcoma risk in childhood cancer survivors
The risks of developing soft-tissue sarcomas are substantially increased in survivors of childhood cancer, according to new research.
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[News] Upfront resection of pancreatic intraductal neoplasms
Early upfront resection of pancreatic branch duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms compares favourably with long-term surveillance, according to a modelling study.
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[Comment] JAVELIN: avelumab another spear to fight urothelial carcinoma
Single-agent immune checkpoint blockers targeting programmed death-1 receptor (PD-1) or its ligand PD-L1 have rapidly become standard treatment options for patients with advanced urothelial carcinoma after progression on platinum-based chemotherapy, and are evolving as a first-line option for platinum-ineligible patients.1–4 Although the proportion of patients achieving a response in the second-line setting is only 15–25%, these responses are generally durable in conjunction with a favorable toxicity profile, which has led to substantial momentum to transition to an immunotherapy-based treatment approach from a chemotherapy-based approach for all settings.
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