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dinsdag 5 december 2017

Scientific Reports Earth Sciences Table of Contents e-alert: 05 December 2017

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  05 December 2017    
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Nature Index 2017 United States

These are testing times for the United States. The country's commanding scientific position is being thrown into question by the current administration's controversial policies.

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Earth & Environmental Sciences

The sensitivity and stability of bacterioplankton community structure to wind-wave turbulence in a large, shallow, eutrophic lake ▶


Jian Zhou, Boqiang Qin, Xiaoxia Han et al.


Enhancement of eruption explosivity by heterogeneous bubble nucleation triggered by magma mingling ▶


Joali Paredes-Mariño, Katherine J. Dobson, Gianluigi Ortenzi et al.


Characteristics of soil C:N ratio and δ13C in wheat-maize cropping system of the North China Plain and influences of the Yellow River ▶


Huijin Shi, Xiujun Wang, Minggang Xu et al.


Constraints from the dehydration of antigorite on high-conductivity anomalies in subduction zones ▶


Duojun Wang, Xiaowei Liu, Tao Liu et al.


Seismogenesis of dual subduction beneath Kanto, central Japan controlled by fluid release ▶


Yingfeng Ji, Shoichi Yoshioka, Vlad C. Manea et al.


Image Fiber-Based Miniature Suspended Solid Sensor with High Accuracy and a Large Dynamic Range ▶


Pengfei Qi, Lie Lin, Rui Huang et al.


Advancement of magma fragmentation by inhomogeneous bubble distribution ▶


M. Kameda, M. Ichihara, S. Maruyama et al.


Magnetic stratigraphic dating of marine hydrogenetic ferromanganese crusts ▶


Wei Yuan, Huaiyang Zhou, Xixi Zhao et al.


Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration by agroforestry systems in southeastern Brazil ▶


Carlos Moreira Miquelino Eleto Torres, Laércio Antônio Gonçalves Jacovine, Sílvio Nolasco de Olivera Neto et al.


Spatiotemporal modeling and prediction of soil heavy metals based on spatiotemporal cokriging ▶


Bei Zhang, Yong Yang


Spontaneous Phase Transfer-Mediated Selective Removal of Heavy Metal Ions Using Biocompatible Oleic Acid ▶


Jeehan Chang, Sooyeon Yoo, Wooju Lee et al.


Impact-related microspherules in Late Pleistocene Alaskan and Yukon “muck” deposits signify recurrent episodes of catastrophic emplacement ▶


Jonathan T. Hagstrum, Richard B. Firestone, Allen West et al.


Ice nucleation triggered by negative pressure ▶


Claudia Marcolli


Long-term climate change in the D-region ▶


Mark A. Clilverd, Roger Duthie, Craig J. Rodger et al.


An Idealized Method of Simulating Residual Ionospheric Errors in Radio Occultation ▶


Zhiqiang Fan, Zheng Sheng, Peng Guo et al.


Inhibition of litter decomposition of two emergent macrophytes by addition of aromatic plant powder ▶


Ya-jun Xie, Yong-hong Xie, Hua-yun Xiao et al.


Phylogeography reveals a potential cryptic invasion in the Southern Hemisphere of Ceratophyllum demersum, New Zealand’s worst invasive macrophyte ▶


Benita Hyldgaard, Carla Lambertini, Hans Brix


Risk of mortality during and after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami among older coastal residents ▶


Jun Aida, Hiroyuki Hikichi, Yusuke Matsuyama et al.


A novel method for calculating the dynamic capillary force and correcting the pressure error in micro-tube experiment ▶


Shuoliang Wang, Pengcheng Liu, Hui Zhao et al.


Selective uptake and sensing of nitrate in poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) ▶


Sam Rudd, Michael Dalton, Peter Buss et al.


Greenhouse gases emissions in rivers of the Tibetan Plateau ▶


Bin Qu, Kelly Sue Aho, Chaoliu Li et al.


Penultimate deglacial warming across the Mediterranean Sea revealed by clumped isotopes in foraminifera ▶


L. Rodríguez-Sanz, S. M. Bernasconi, G. Marino et al.

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