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dinsdag 5 december 2017

Scientific Reports Biology Table of Contents e-alert: 05 December 2017

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  05 December 2017    
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Biological Sciences

Intracellular immunization against HIV infection with an intracellular antibody that mimics HIV integrase binding to the cellular LEDGF protein ▶


Leyuan Bao, Clare Hannon, Abimael Cruz-Mignoni et al.


Insight into the molecular recognition mechanism of the coactivator NCoA1 by STAT6 ▶


Luigi Russo, Karin Giller, Edith Pfitzner et al.


Relevance of MIC-1 in the Era of PSA as a Serum Based Predictor of Prostate Cancer: A Critical Evaluation ▶


Navneeta Bansal, Deepak Kumar, Ashish Gupta et al.


Prevalence of malaria in two highly endemic Community Health Centers in the Bastar district, Chhattisgarh showing mixed infections with Plasmodium species ▶


Sri Krishna, Ajay Yadav, Sneha Bhandari et al.


Rainbow trout exposed to benzo[a]pyrene yields conserved microRNA binding sites in DNA methyltransferases across 500 million years of evolution ▶


Christopher Kuc, Daniel J. Richard, Samantha Johnson et al.


Kiwifruit R2R3-MYB transcription factors and contribution of the novel AcMYB75 to red kiwifruit anthocyanin biosynthesis ▶


Wenbin Li, Zehong Ding, Mengbin Ruan et al.


KIF1Bβ increases ROS to mediate apoptosis and reinforces its protein expression through O2 in a positive feedback mechanism in neuroblastoma ▶


Clara Angelina, Irene Sze Ying Tan, Zhang’e Choo et al.


Aerobic exercise and a BDNF-mimetic therapy rescue learning and memory in a mouse model of Down syndrome ▶


Martina Parrini, Diego Ghezzi, Gabriele Deidda et al.


CRISPR/Cas9-derived models of ovarian high grade serous carcinoma targeting Brca1, Pten and Nf1, and correlation with platinum sensitivity ▶


Josephine B. Walton, Malcolm Farquharson, Susan Mason et al.


QuPath: Open source software for digital pathology image analysis ▶


Peter Bankhead, Maurice B. Loughrey, José A. Fernández et al.


Reduced cell size, chromosomal aberration and altered proliferation rates are characteristics and confounding factors in the STHdh cell model of Huntington disease ▶


Elisabeth Singer, Carolin Walter, Jonasz J. Weber et al.


microRNA Expression in Ethnic Specific Early Stage Breast Cancer: an Integration and Comparative Analysis ▶


Farah J. Nassar, Rabih Talhouk, Nathalie K. Zgheib et al.


Behavioral impairment in SHATI/NAT8L knockout mice via dysfunction of myelination development ▶


Kazuyuki Sumi, Kyosuke Uno, Hiroshi Noike et al.


Key site residues of pheromone-binding protein 1 involved in interacting with sex pheromone components of Helicoverpa armigera ▶


Kun Dong, Hong-Xia Duan, Jing-Tao Liu et al.


Three-dimensional organotypic matrices from alternative collagen sources as pre-clinical models for cell biology ▶


James R. W. Conway, Claire Vennin, Aurélie S. Cazet et al.


Deep mutational scanning of S. pyogenes Cas9 reveals important functional domains ▶


Jeffrey M. Spencer, Xiaoliu Zhang


Evidence for a novel function of Awd in maintenance of genomic stability ▶


Patrizia Romani, Serena Duchi, Giuseppe Gargiulo et al.


Foraging and recruitment hotspot dynamics for the largest Atlantic loggerhead turtle rookery ▶


Simona A. Ceriani, John F. Weishampel, Llewellyn M. Ehrhart et al.


FOXP2 variation in great ape populations offers insight into the evolution of communication skills ▶


Nicky Staes, Chet C. Sherwood, Katharine Wright et al.


Identification of insulin-sensitizing molecules acting by disrupting the interaction between the Insulin Receptor and Grb14 ▶


Anaïs Gondoin, Cornelia Hampe, Richard Eudes et al.


Environmental DNA reveals tropical shark diversity in contrasting levels of anthropogenic impact ▶


Judith Bakker, Owen S. Wangensteen, Demian D. Chapman et al.


A label-free fiber optic SPR biosensor for specific detection of C-reactive protein ▶


Wenjia Wang, Zhigang Mai, Yuzhi Chen et al.


Monocyte gene expression in childhood obesity is associated with obesity and complexity of atherosclerosis in adults ▶


G. C. Keustermans, D. Kofink, A. Eikendal et al.


CP and CP-PGN protect mice against MRSA infection by inducing M1 macrophages ▶


Yang Zhang, Xiang-Xiang Li, Yuan Ma et al.


A microsatellite repeat in PCA3 long non-coding RNA is associated with prostate cancer risk and aggressiveness ▶


John Lai, Leire Moya, Jiyuan An et al.


The individual environment, not the family is the most important influence on preferences for common non-alcoholic beverages in adolescence ▶


Andrea D. Smith, Alison Fildes, Suzanna Forwood et al.


Age-dependent increase of oxidative stress regulates microRNA-29 family preserving cardiac health ▶


Johanna Heid, Chiara Cencioni, Roberto Ripa et al.


IL-4 driven transcription factor FoxQ1 is expressed by monocytes in atopic dermatitis and stimulates monocyte migration ▶


Ilja Ovsiy, Vladimir Riabov, Ioannis Manousaridis et al.


Essential involvement of the CX3CL1-CX3CR1 axis in bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis via regulation of fibrocyte and M2 macrophage migration ▶


Yuko Ishida, Akihiko Kimura, Mizuho Nosaka et al.


A genomic perspective of the pink-headed duck Rhodonessa caryophyllacea suggests a long history of low effective population size ▶


Per G. P. Ericson, Yanhua Qu, Mozes P. K. Blom et al.


Transcriptomic profiling of the human brain reveals that altered synaptic gene expression is associated with chronological aging ▶


Allissa A. Dillman, Elisa Majounie, Jinhui Ding et al.


Rpgrip1 is required for rod outer segment development and ciliary protein trafficking in zebrafish ▶


Rakesh K. Raghupathy, Xun Zhang, Fei Liu et al.


Genetic Pleiotropy between Nicotine Dependence and Respiratory Outcomes ▶


Jushan Zhang, Shouneng Peng, Haoxiang Cheng et al.


CO2 fixation in above-ground biomass of summer maize under different tillage and straw management treatments ▶


Qianqian Feng, Jing Xu, Yayun Zhang et al.


Efficient and flexible implementation of Langevin simulation for gene burst production ▶


Ching-Cher Sanders Yan, Surendhar Reddy Chepyala, Chao-Ming Yen et al.


Identification of early ammonium nitrate-responsive genes in rice roots ▶


Hsiu-Chun Yang, Chia-Cheng Kan, Tzu-Huan Hung et al.


Sero-catalytic and Antibody Acquisition Models to Estimate Differing Malaria Transmission Intensities in Western Kenya ▶


Grace E. Weber, Michael T. White, Anna Babakhanyan et al.


De novo design of RNA-binding proteins with a prion-like domain related to ALS/FTD proteinopathies ▶


Kana Mitsuhashi, Daisuke Ito, Kyoko Mashima et al.


Increased pollinator service and reduced pollen limitation in the fixed dune populations of a desert shrub ▶


Cheng-Chen Pan, Hao Qu, Qi Feng et al.


Construction of a system using a deep learning algorithm to count cell numbers in nanoliter wells for viable single-cell experiments ▶


Takashi Kamatani, Koichi Fukunaga, Kaede Miyata et al.


Role of ventral medullary catecholaminergic neurons for respiratory modulation of sympathetic outflow in rats ▶


Davi J. A. Moraes, Leni G. H. Bonagamba, Melina P. da Silva et al.


Sensory Stream Adaptation in Chaotic Networks ▶


Adam Ponzi


Blink associated resetting eye movements (BARMs) are functionally complementary to microsaccades in correcting for fixation errors ▶


Mohammad Farhan Khazali, Joern K. Pomper, Peter Thier


High expression of β-catenin contributes to the crizotinib resistant phenotype in the stem-like cell population in neuroblastoma ▶


Abdulraheem Alshareef, Nidhi Gupta, Hai-Feng Zhang et al.


Structures of PPARγ complexed with lobeglitazone and pioglitazone reveal key determinants for the recognition of antidiabetic drugs ▶


Min A Lee, Lingchen Tan, Huiseon Yang et al.


Water depth affects reproductive allocation and reproductive allometry in the submerged macrophyte Vallisneria natans ▶


Lei Li, Stephen P. Bonser, Zhichun Lan et al.


The relationship between personality and the response to acute psychological stress ▶


Yuanyuan Xin, Jianhui Wu, Zhuxi Yao et al.


Brain Structural Bases of Tendency to Forgive: evidence from a young adults sample using voxel-based morphometry ▶


Haijiang Li, Qunlin Chen, Jiamei Lu et al.


Single-molecule imaging reveals dimerization/oligomerization of CXCR4 on plasma membrane closely related to its function ▶


Baosheng Ge, Jun Lao, Jiqiang Li et al.


661W is a retinal ganglion precursor-like cell line in which glaucoma-associated optineurin mutants induce cell death selectively ▶


Zuberwasim Sayyad, Kapil Sirohi, Vegesna Radha et al.


A highly printable and biocompatible hydrogel composite for direct printing of soft and perfusable vasculature-like structures ▶


Ratima Suntornnond, Edgar Yong Sheng Tan, Jia An et al.


Glandular Morphometrics for Objective Grading of Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Histology Images ▶


Ruqayya Awan, Korsuk Sirinukunwattana, David Epstein et al.


Mitochondrial genomic variation and phylogenetic relationships of three groups in the genus Scaphoideus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) ▶


Yimin Du, Wu Dai, Christopher H. Dietrich


The Posterior Insula Shows Disrupted Brain Functional Connectivity in Female Migraineurs Without Aura Based on Brainnetome Atlas ▶


Jilei Zhang, Jingjing Su, Mengxing Wang et al.


Purification and functional comparison of nine human Aquaporins produced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the purpose of biophysical characterization ▶


Frederik Bühring Bjørkskov, Simon Lyngaa Krabbe, Casper Normann Nurup et al.


Cortical organization restored by cochlear implantation in young children with single sided deafness ▶


Melissa Jane Polonenko, Karen Ann Gordon, Sharon Lynn Cushing et al.


A novel paradigm to study interpersonal threat-related learning and extinction in children using virtual reality ▶


Hilary A. Marusak, Craig A. Peters, Aneesh Hehr et al.


Amniotic fluid stem cell-derived vesicles protect from VEGF-induced endothelial damage ▶


S. Sedrakyan, V. Villani, S. Da Sacco et al.


DNA metabarcoding data unveils invisible pollination networks ▶


André Pornon, Christophe Andalo, Monique Burrus et al.


Antigen-specific oncolytic MV-based tumor vaccines through presentation of selected tumor-associated antigens on infected cells or virus-like particles ▶


Stefan Hutzler, Stephanie Erbar, Robert A. Jabulowsky et al.


Adjuvant imatinib for patients with high-risk gastrointestinal stromal tumors: a retrospective cohort study ▶


Rui Zhao, Yong Wang, Yuqian Huang et al.


Bayesian Analysis of MicroScale Thermophoresis Data to Quantify Affinity of Protein:Protein Interactions with Human Survivin ▶


Maria-Jose Garcia-Bonete, Maja Jensen, Christian V. Recktenwald et al.


Hypersensitivity of BRCA2 deficient cells to rosemary extract explained by weak PARP inhibitory activity ▶


Cathy Su, Jeffrey P. Gius, Julia Van Steenberg et al.


Peripheral T follicular helper Cells Make a Difference in HIV Reservoir Size between Elite Controllers and Patients on Successful cART ▶


Marcial García, Miguel Górgolas, Alfonso Cabello et al.


Identification of Borrelia protein candidates in mouse skin for potential diagnosis of disseminated Lyme borreliosis ▶


Antoine Grillon, Benoît Westermann, Paola Cantero et al.


fMRI Investigation on Gradual Change of Awareness States in Implicit Sequence Learning ▶


Jianping Huang, Yingli Li, Jianxin Zhang et al.


Early-Mid Pleistocene genetic differentiation and range expansions as exemplified by invasive Eurasian Bunias orientalis (Brassicaceae) indicates the Caucasus as key region ▶


Marcus A. Koch, Florian Michling, Andrea Walther et al.


Mitotic slippage and the subsequent cell fates after inhibition of Aurora B during tubulin-binding agent–induced mitotic arrest ▶


Yasuo Tsuda, Makoto Iimori, Yuichiro Nakashima et al.


Lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 4 is involved in chondrogenic differentiation of ATDC5 cells ▶


Shirou Tabe, Hisako Hikiji, Wataru Ariyoshi et al.


Induction of auxin biosynthesis and WOX5 repression mediate changes in root development in Arabidopsis exposed to chitosan ▶


Federico Lopez-Moya, Nuria Escudero, Ernesto A. Zavala-Gonzalez et al.


Hierarchically porous, and Cu- and Zn-containing γ-AlOOH mesostrands as adjuvants for cancer immunotherapy ▶


Xia Li, Mohamed A. Shenashen, Xiupeng Wang et al.


Network Properties in Transitions of Consciousness during Propofol-induced Sedation ▶


Minji Lee, Robert D. Sanders, Seul-Ki Yeom et al.


The repeat region of cortactin is intrinsically disordered in solution ▶


Xiaofeng Li, Yeqing Tao, James W. Murphy et al.


On the effect of low oxygen concentrations on bacterial degradation of sinking particles ▶


Frédéric A. C. Le Moigne, Carolina Cisternas-Novoa, Judith Piontek et al.


Emergence of BA9 genotype of human respiratory syncytial virus subgroup B in China from 2006 to 2014 ▶


Jinhua Song, Huiling Wang, Jing Shi et al.


Rational engineering of a native hyperthermostable lactonase into a broad spectrum phosphotriesterase ▶


Pauline Jacquet, Julien Hiblot, David Daudé et al.


Repurposing a photosynthetic antenna protein as a super-resolution microscopy label ▶


Samuel F. H. Barnett, Andrew Hitchcock, Amit K. Mandal et al.


Estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1) regulates VEGFA in adipose tissue ▶


L. A. Fatima, R. S. Campello, R. de Souza Santos et al.


Adrenergic receptor agonists induce the differentiation of pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatoblasts into hepatocyte-like cells ▶


Maki Kotaka, Taro Toyoda, Katsutaro Yasuda et al.


Adaptive laboratory evolution of Corynebacterium glutamicum towards higher growth rates on glucose minimal medium ▶


Eugen Pfeifer, Cornelia Gätgens, Tino Polen et al.


Emphatic visualization of sphingomyelin-rich domains by inter-lipid FRET imaging using fluorescent sphingomyelins ▶


Masanao Kinoshita, Hikaru Ano, Michio Murata et al.


RNA-seq of serial kidney biopsies obtained during progression of chronic kidney disease from dogs with X-linked hereditary nephropathy ▶


Candice P. Chu, Jessica A. Hokamp, Rachel E. Cianciolo et al.


Characterization of liposomal carriers for the trans-scleral transport of Ranibizumab ▶


Rini Rachel Joseph, Dulcia Wei Ni Tan, Moreno Raja Miguel Ramon et al.


An engineered opsin monomer scrambles phospholipids ▶


Kalpana Pandey, Birgit Ploier, Michael A. Goren et al.


17β-Estradiol sensitizes ovarian surface epithelium to transformation by suppressing Disabled-2 expression ▶


Nhung H. Vuong, Omar Salah Salah, Barbara C. Vanderhyden


A Ser75-to-Asp phospho-mimicking mutation in Src accelerates ageing-related loss of retinal ganglion cells in mice ▶


Kenji Kashiwagi, Sadahiro Ito, Shuichiro Maeda et al.


Multi-physics interactions drive VEGFR2 relocation on endothelial cells ▶


Valentina Damioli, Alberto Salvadori, Gian Paolo Beretta et al.


MALE STERILE6021 (MS6021) is required for the development of anther cuticle and pollen exine in maize ▶


Youhui Tian, Senlin Xiao, Juan Liu et al.


Modeling of the jasmonate signaling pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana with respect to pathophysiology of Alternaria blight in Brassica ▶


Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Mamta Baunthiyal, Neetesh Pandey et al.


Human CRMP4 mutation and disrupted Crmp4 expression in mice are associated with ASD characteristics and sexual dimorphism ▶


Atsuhiro Tsutiya, Yui Nakano, Emily Hansen-Kiss et al.


The origin of human handedness and its role in pre-birth motor control ▶


Valentina Parma, Romain Brasselet, Stefania Zoia et al.


Evolving autonomous learning in cognitive networks ▶


Leigh Sheneman, Arend Hintze


On the proportional abundance of species: Integrating population genetics and community ecology ▶


Pablo A. Marquet, Guillermo Espinoza, Sebastian R. Abades et al.


Low temperature and low salinity drive putatively adaptive growth differences in populations of threespine stickleback ▶


Taylor C. Gibbons, Seth M. Rudman, Patricia M. Schulte


Efficiency of novel nanocombinations of bovine milk proteins (lactoperoxidase and lactoferrin) for combating different human cancer cell lines ▶


Marwa M. Abu-Serie, Esmail M. El-Fakharany


Diverse and complex male polymorphisms in Odontolabis stag beetles (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) ▶


Keita Matsumoto, Robert J. Knell


Mutational analysis of TSC1 and TSC2 genes in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex patients from Greece ▶


Socratis Avgeris, Florentia Fostira, Andromachi Vagena et al.


Mimicking Embedded Vasculature Structure for 3D Cancer on a Chip Approaches through Micromilling ▶


L. Wan, J. Skoko, J. Yu et al.


Resolving kangaroo phylogeny and overcoming retrotransposon ascertainment bias ▶


William G. Dodt, Susanne Gallus, Matthew J. Phillips et al.


Molecular Identification of ten species of stored-product psocids through microarray method based on ITS2 rDNA ▶


Li-Jun Liu, Ao-Han Pang, Shi-Qian Feng et al.


Meta analysis: HPV and p16 pattern determines survival in patients with HNSCC and identifies potential new biologic subtype ▶


Andreas E. Albers, Xu Qian, Andreas M. Kaufmann et al.


The role of oxidative stress in the crosstalk between leptin and mineralocorticoid receptor in the cardiac fibrosis associated with obesity ▶


Josué Gutiérrez-Tenorio, Gema Marín-Royo, Ernesto Martínez-Martínez et al.


Systematic identification of novel regulatory interactions controlling biofilm formation in the bacterium Escherichia coli ▶


Gerardo Ruiz Amores, Aitor de las Heras, Ananda Sanches-Medeiros et al.


Development of a plasmid free CRISPR-Cas9 system for the genetic modification of Mucor circinelloides ▶


Gábor Nagy, Csilla Szebenyi, Árpád Csernetics et al.


Bayesian inference of epidemiological parameters from transmission experiments ▶


Ben Hu, Jose L. Gonzales, Simon Gubbins


Artificial controlled model of blood circulation system for adhesive evaluation ▶


Sang-Myung Jung, Goo Yong Chung, Hwa Sung Shin


Lck is a relevant target in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells whose expression variance is unrelated to disease outcome ▶


Kathleen J. Till, John C. Allen, Fatima Talab et al.


Combined genetic approaches yield a 48% diagnostic rate in a large cohort of French hearing-impaired patients ▶


D. Baux, C. Vaché, C. Blanchet et al.


Effects of neuroactive agents on axonal growth and pathfinding of retinal ganglion cells generated from human stem cells ▶


Tadashi Yokoi, Taku Tanaka, Emiko Matsuzaka et al.


Immune and Imaging Correlates of Mild Cognitive Impairment Conversion to Alzheimer’s Disease ▶


Francesca La Rosa, Marina Saresella, Francesca Baglio et al.


Crumbs, Moesin and Yurt regulate junctional stability and dynamics for a proper morphogenesis of the Drosophila pupal wing epithelium ▶


Pauline Salis, Francois Payre, Philippe Valenti et al.


A small cassette enables conditional gene inactivation by CRISPR/Cas9 ▶


Paloma M. Guzzardo, Christina Rashkova, Rodrigo L. dos Santos et al.


Squalene epoxidase plays a critical role in determining pig meat quality by regulating adipogenesis, myogenesis, and ROS scavengers ▶


Jeongim Ha, Seulgi Kwon, Jung Hye Hwang et al.


Concurrent structural and biophysical traits link with immunoglobulin light chains amyloid propensity ▶


Luca Oberti, Paola Rognoni, Alberto Barbiroli et al.


A multidisciplinary approach to study the reproductive biology of wild prawns ▶


L. Bolognini, F. Donato, A. Lucchetti et al.


Toehold-enhanced LNA probes for selective pull down and single-molecule analysis of native chromatin ▶


Nicolaas Hermans, Juriën Jori Huisman, Thomas Bauke Brouwer et al.


Disrupted superior collicular activity may reveal cervical dystonia disease pathomechanisms ▶


Eavan M. Mc Govern, Owen Killian, Shruti Narasimham et al.


A Novel Y-Specific Long Non-Coding RNA Associated with Cellular Lipid Accumulation in HepG2 cells and Atherosclerosis-related Genes ▶


Elsa Molina, Guat S. Chew, Stephen A. Myers et al.


Conservation of folding and association within a family of spidroin N-terminal domains ▶


Julia C. Heiby, Suhaila Rajab, Charlotte Rat et al.


Influenza virus Matrix Protein M1 preserves its conformation with pH, changing multimerization state at the priming stage due to electrostatics ▶


Eleonora V. Shtykova, Liubov A. Dadinova, Natalia V. Fedorova et al.


MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of erlotinib administered in combination with bevacizumab in xenograft mice bearing B901L, EGFR-mutated NSCLC cells ▶


Masanobu Nishidate, Kaname Yamamoto, Chinami Masuda et al.


Molecular mechanisms of dysfunction of muscle fibres associated with Glu139 deletion in TPM2 gene ▶


Yurii S. Borovikov, Nikita A. Rysev, Olga E. Karpicheva et al.


Imaging viscosity of intragranular mucin matrix in cystic fibrosis cells ▶


Sebastian Requena, Olga Ponomarchuk, Marlius Castillo et al.


A simple high throughput assay to evaluate water consumption in the fruit fly ▶


Man-Tat Lau, Yong Qi Lin, Stefan Kisling et al.


Abstract spatial, but not body-related, visual information guides bimanual coordination ▶


Janina Brandes, Farhad Rezvani, Tobias Heed


De novo transcriptome assembly of Zanthoxylum bungeanum using Illumina sequencing for evolutionary analysis and simple sequence repeat marker development ▶


Shijing Feng, Lili Zhao, Zhenshan Liu et al.


Pharmacogenetic study of seven polymorphisms in three nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits in smoking-cessation therapies ▶


Giulia Pintarelli, Antonella Galvan, Paolo Pozzi et al.


Addition of a histone deacetylase inhibitor increases recombinant protein expression in Medicago truncatula cell cultures ▶


Rita B. Santos, Ana Sofia Pires, Rita Abranches


Preferential selection of Arginine at the lipid-water-interface of TRPV1 during vertebrate evolution correlates with its snorkeling behaviour and cholesterol interaction ▶


Somdatta Saha, Arijit Ghosh, Nikhil Tiwari et al.


Sigma frequency dependent motor learning in Williams syndrome ▶


Andrea Berencsi, Róbert Bódizs, Ferenc Gombos et al.


Diabetes Aggravates Post-ischaemic Renal Fibrosis through Persistent Activation of TGF-β1 and Shh Signalling ▶


Dong-Jin Kim, Jun Mo Kang, Seon Hwa Park et al.


Screening and identification of lncRNAs as potential biomarkers for pulmonary tuberculosis ▶


Zhong-liang Chen, Li-Liang Wei, Li-Ying Shi et al.


The serine proteinase hepsin is an activator of pro-matrix metalloproteinases: molecular mechanisms and implications for extracellular matrix turnover ▶


David J. Wilkinson, Antoine Desilets, Hua Lin et al.


A Synthetic Population for Modelling the Dynamics of Infectious Disease Transmission in American Samoa ▶


Zhijing Xu, Kathryn Glass, Colleen L. Lau et al.


Territory holders and non-territory holders in Ayu fish coexist only in the population growth process due to hysteresis ▶


Yuki Katsumata, Takashi Uehara, Hiromu Ito et al.


The Uniform Pattern of Growth and Skeletal Maturation during the Human Adolescent Growth Spurt ▶


James O. Sanders, Xing Qiu, Xiang Lu et al.


A polar bundle of flagella can drive bacterial swimming by pushing, pulling, or coiling around the cell body ▶


Marius Hintsche, Veronika Waljor, Robert Großmann et al.


Legume crop rotation suppressed nitrifying microbial community in a sugarcane cropping soil ▶


Chanyarat Paungfoo-Lonhienne, Weijin Wang, Yun Kit Yeoh et al.


3D photogrammetry quantifies growth and external erosion of individual coral colonies and skeletons ▶


Renata Ferrari, Will F. Figueira, Morgan S. Pratchett et al.


Sequestosome1/p62 protects mouse embryonic fibroblasts against low-dose methylercury-induced cytotoxicity and is involved in clearance of ubiquitinated proteins ▶


Yasukazu Takanezawa, Ryosuke Nakamura, Ryohei Harada et al.


Transcriptome analysis of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) fruits in response to Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) infection ▶


Xiaodong Li, Mengnan An, Zihao Xia et al.


Repair of the TGFBI gene in human corneal keratocytes derived from a granular corneal dystrophy patient via CRISPR/Cas9-induced homology-directed repair ▶


Yukako Taketani, Kohdai Kitamoto, Toshihiro Sakisaka et al.


Culturomics and Amplicon-based Metagenomic Approaches for the Study of Fungal Population in Human Gut Microbiota ▶


Ibrahim Hamad, Stéphane Ranque, Esam I. Azhar et al.


Intracellular biomass flocculation as a key mechanism of rapid bacterial killing by cationic, amphipathic antimicrobial peptides and peptoids ▶


Nathaniel P. Chongsiriwatana, Jennifer S. Lin, Rinki Kapoor et al.


Access to a main alphaherpesvirus receptor, located basolaterally in the respiratory epithelium, is masked by intercellular junctions ▶


Jolien Van Cleemput, Katrien C. K. Poelaert, Kathlyn Laval et al.


Architectural diversity and galling insects on Caryocar brasiliense trees ▶


Germano Leão Demolin Leite, Ronnie Von dos Santos Veloso, José Cola Zanuncio et al.


PGC-1alpha levels correlate with survival in patients with stage III NSCLC and may define a new biomarker to metabolism-targeted therapy ▶


Alberto Cruz-Bermúdez, Ramiro J. Vicente-Blanco, Raquel Laza-Briviesca et al.


Coupling optogenetics and light-sheet microscopy, a method to study Wnt signaling during embryogenesis ▶


Prameet Kaur, Timothy E. Saunders, Nicholas S. Tolwinski


Protein crowding and lipid complexity influence the nanoscale dynamic organization of ion channels in cell membranes ▶


Anna L. Duncan, Tyler Reddy, Heidi Koldsø et al.


Monkeys share the neurophysiological basis for encoding sound periodicities captured by the frequency-following response with humans ▶


Yaneri A. Ayala, Alexandre Lehmann, Hugo Merchant


HIDEEP: a systems approach to predict hormone impacts on drug efficacy based on effect paths ▶


Mijin Kwon, Jinmyung Jung, Hasun Yu et al.


Improved Detection of Cytokines Produced by Invariant NKT Cells ▶


Duygu Sag, Müge Özkan, Mitchell Kronenberg et al.


Mineral particles stimulate innate immunity through neutrophil extracellular traps containing HMGB1 ▶


Hsin-Hsin Peng, Yu-Ju Liu, David M. Ojcius et al.


Linking functional connectivity and dynamic properties of resting-state networks ▶


Won Hee Lee, Sophia Frangou


The mitochondrial genome of the wolfberry fruit fly, Neoceratitis asiatica (Becker) (Diptera: Tephritidae) and the phylogeny of Neoceratitis Hendel genus ▶


Yun Su, Yue Zhang, Shiqian Feng et al.


Profiling of the transcriptional response to all-trans retinoic acid in breast cancer cells reveals RARE-independent mechanisms of gene expression ▶


Krysta Mila Coyle, Selena Maxwell, Margaret Lois Thomas et al.


The gibberellin GID1-DELLA signalling module exists in evolutionarily ancient conifers ▶


Ran Du, Shihui Niu, Yang Liu et al.


Characterisation of porous knitted titanium for replacement of intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus ▶


Gauri Tendulkar, Vrinda Sreekumar, Frank Rupp et al.


A robust cell culture system supporting the complete life cycle of hepatitis B virus ▶


Eleftherios Michailidis, Jonathan Pabon, Kuanhui Xiang et al.


Up-regulation of Interleukin-21 Contributes to Liver Pathology of Schistosomiasis by Driving GC Immune Responses and Activating HSCs in Mice ▶


Yanyan Wang, Cai Lin, Yun Cao et al.


Trehalose significantly enhances the recovery of serum and serum exosomal miRNA from a paper-based matrix ▶


Shu Hui Neo, Ka Yan Chung, Jia Min Quek et al.


Kif1bp loss in mice leads to defects in the peripheral and central nervous system and perinatal death ▶


Caroline S. Hirst, Lincon A. Stamp, Annette J. Bergner et al.


The importance of parameter choice in modelling dynamics of the eye lens ▶


Kehao Wang, Demetrios T. Venetsanos, Jian Wang et al.


Caspase-3/-7-Specific Metabolic Precursor for Bioorthogonal Tracking of Tumor Apoptosis ▶


Man Kyu Shim, Hong Yeol Yoon, Sangmin Lee et al.


Autonomous feedback loop of RUNX1-p53-CBFB in acute myeloid leukemia cells ▶


Ken Morita, Mina Noura, Chieko Tokushige et al.


High-speed, high-frequency ultrasound, in utero vector-flow imaging of mouse embryos ▶


Jeffrey A. Ketterling, Orlando Aristizábal, Billy Y. S. Yiu et al.


Chitosan-Graphene Oxide 3D scaffolds as Promising Tools for Bone Regeneration in Critical-Size Mouse Calvarial Defects ▶


Anca Hermenean, Ada Codreanu, Hildegard Herman et al.


Solution structure and interaction with copper in vitro and in living cells of the first BIR domain of XIAP ▶


Meng-Meng Hou, Panagis Polykretis, Enrico Luchinat et al.


Conservation of Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Complex Components Throughout Eukaryotic Evolution ▶


Barry Causier, Zhen Li, Riet De Smet et al.


Estrogen attenuates AGTR1 expression to reduce pancreatic β-cell death from high glucose ▶


Suwattanee Kooptiwut, Keerati Wanchai, Namoiy Semprasert et al.


BET inhibitors RVX-208 and PFI-1 reactivate HIV-1 from latency ▶


Panpan Lu, Yinzhong Shen, He Yang et al.


Protein-lysine methyltransferases G9a and GLP1 promote responses to DNA damage ▶


Vasudeva Ginjala, Lizahira Rodriguez-Colon, Bratati Ganguly et al.


Interaction of Synthetic Human SLURP-1 with the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors ▶


Thomas Durek, Irina V. Shelukhina, Han-Shen Tae et al.


Profiling of different pancreatic cancer cells used as models for metastatic behaviour shows large variation in their N-glycosylation ▶


Stephanie Holst, Ana I. Belo, Elisa Giovannetti et al.


A strategy for effective latent HIV reactivation using subtherapeutic drug doses ▶


James Cotterell, Greg Neely


Kaempferide Prevents Titanium Particle Induced Osteolysis by Suppressing JNK Activation during Osteoclast Formation ▶


Zixian Jiao, Weifeng Xu, Jisi Zheng et al.


Raman-Deuterium Isotope Probing for in-situ identification of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in Thames River ▶


Yizhi Song, Li Cui, José Ángel Siles López et al.


A combined experimental and theoretical investigation on cellular blebbing ▶


Chao Fang, T. H. Hui, X. Wei et al.


Posterior parietal cortex evaluates visuoproprioceptive congruence based on brief visual information ▶


Jakub Limanowski, Felix Blankenburg


Spindle associated membrane protein 1 (Samp1) is required for the differentiation of muscle cells ▶


Mohammed Hakim Jafferali, Ricardo A. Figueroa, Mehedi Hasan et al.


Seasonality and brain size are negatively associated in frogs: evidence for the expensive brain framework ▶


Yi Luo, Mao Jun Zhong, Yan Huang et al.


Transcriptomics reveal an integrative role for maternal thyroid hormones during zebrafish embryogenesis ▶


Nadia Silva, Bruno Louro, Marlene Trindade et al.


Direct conversion of human fibroblasts into hepatocyte-like cells by ATF5, PROX1, FOXA2, FOXA3, and HNF4A transduction ▶


Daiki Nakamori, Hiroki Akamine, Kazuo Takayama et al.


Multilocus DNA barcoding – Species Identification with Multilocus Data ▶


Junning Liu, Jiamei Jiang, Shuli Song et al.


Alleviation of adverse effects of drought stress on wheat seed germination using atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment ▶


Qiao Guo, Ying Wang, Haoran Zhang et al.


Regulation of ethylene-responsive SlWRKYs involved in color change during tomato fruit ripening ▶


Ling Wang, Xue-lian Zhang, Lu Wang et al.


Functionalized gold nanorod nanocomposite system to modulate differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into neural-like progenitors ▶


Karrer M. Alghazali, Steven D. Newby, Zeid A. Nima et al.


A Novel Human Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Model in Humanised Mice ▶


Merry Gunawan, Zhisheng Her, Min Liu et al.


CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in naïve human embryonic stem cells ▶


Eva Z. Jacobs, Sharat Warrier, Pieter-Jan Volders et al.


CMScaller: an R package for consensus molecular subtyping of colorectal cancer pre-clinical models ▶


Peter W. Eide, Jarle Bruun, Ragnhild A. Lothe et al.


Habitat-dependent changes in vigilance behaviour of Red-crowned Crane influenced by wildlife tourism ▶


Donglai Li, Yu Liu, Xinghai Sun et al.


Prevalence of mutations linked to antimalarial resistance in Plasmodium falciparum from Chhattisgarh, Central India: A malaria elimination point of view ▶


Priyanka Patel, Praveen K. Bharti, Devendra Bansal et al.


Affective emotion increases heart rate variability and activates left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in post-traumatic growth ▶


Chuguang Wei, Jin Han, Yuqing Zhang et al.


CRISPR/Cas9-assisted gRNA-free one-step genome editing with no sequence limitations and improved targeting efficiency ▶


Dongdong Zhao, Xu Feng, Xinna Zhu et al.


Tunneling nanotubes (TNT) mediate long-range gap junctional communication: Implications for HIV cell to cell spread ▶


George Okafo, Lisa Prevedel, Eliseo Eugenin


Transcription factor repertoire in Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) through analytics of transcriptomic resources: Insights into regulation of development and withanolide metabolism ▶


Sandhya Tripathi, Rajender Singh Sangwan, Lokesh Kumar Narnoliya et al.


Reassessment of fluctuating dental asymmetry in Down syndrome ▶


Marcos Matabuena Rodríguez, Pedro Diz Dios, Carmen Cadarso-Suárez et al.


Repellency of zerumbone identified in Cyperus rotundus rhizome and other constituents to Blattella germanica ▶


Kyu-Sik Chang, Jin-Hwan Jeon, Gi-Hun Kim et al.


Comprehensive high-throughput image analysis for therapeutic efficacy of architecturally complex heterotypic organoids ▶


Anne-Laure Bulin, Mans Broekgaarden, Tayyaba Hasan


Self-medication by orang-utans (Pongo pygmaeus) using bioactive properties of Dracaena cantleyi ▶


H. C. Morrogh-Bernard, I. Foitová, Z. Yeen et al.


Seasonal Expression of Oxytocin and Oxytocin Receptor in the Scented Gland of Male Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) ▶


Fengwei Zhang, Qian Liu, Ziyi Wang et al.


Ribosomal stress and Tp53-mediated neuronal apoptosis in response to capsid protein of the Zika virus ▶


Lukasz P. Slomnicki, Dong-Hoon Chung, Austin Parker et al.


MicroRNA-21 regulates Osteogenic Differentiation of Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells by targeting Smad5 ▶


Fulan Wei, Shuangyan Yang, Qingyuan Guo et al.


Conserved RNA structures in the intergenic regions of ambisense viruses ▶


Michael Kiening, Friedemann Weber, Dmitrij Frishman


Unbiased Quantitative Proteomics Reveals a Crucial Role of the Allergen Context for the Activation of Human Dendritic Cells ▶


L. Strasser, H.-H. Dang, H. Schwarz et al.


Self-righting potential and the evolution of shell shape in Galápagos tortoises ▶


Ylenia Chiari, Arie van der Meijden, Adalgisa Caccone et al.


Low resistance to chytridiomycosis in direct-developing amphibians ▶


Andréa F. C. Mesquita, Carolina Lambertini, Mariana Lyra et al.


Ripening-induced chemical modifications of papaya pectin inhibit cancer cell proliferation ▶


Samira Bernardino Ramos do Prado, Gabrielle Fernandez Ferreira, Yosuke Harazono et al.


Macropis fulvipes Venom component Macropin Exerts its Antibacterial and Anti-Biofilm Properties by Damaging the Plasma Membranes of Drug Resistant Bacteria ▶


Su Jin Ko, Min Kyung Kim, Jeong Kyu Bang et al.


Analysis and correction of errors in nanoscale particle tracking using the Single-pixel interior filling function (SPIFF) algorithm ▶


Yuval Yifat, Nishant Sule, Yihan Lin et al.


Transcriptome Analysis of Two Species of Jute in Response to Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)- induced Drought Stress ▶


Zemao Yang, Zhigang Dai, Ruike Lu et al.


Aberrant brain response after auditory deviance in PTSD compared to trauma controls: An EEG study ▶


Katrin A. Bangel, Susanne van Buschbach, Dirk J. A. Smit et al.


Histopathological, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural evidence of spontaneous Senecavirus A-induced lesions at the choroid plexus of newborn piglets ▶


Thalita E. S. Oliveira, Mariana M. Z. Michelazzo, Thiago Fernandes et al.


Consistency and flexibility in solving spatial tasks: different horses show different cognitive styles ▶


Paolo Baragli, Valentina Vitale, Claudio Sighieri et al.


Reprogramming to pluripotency does not require transition through a primitive streak-like state ▶


Stefanie Raab, Moritz Klingenstein, Anna Möller et al.


Generation of gene-edited rats by delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 protein and donor DNA into intact zygotes using electroporation ▶


Séverine Remy, Vanessa Chenouard, Laurent Tesson et al.


Observability of Complex Systems: Finding the Gap ▶


J. D. Stigter, D. Joubert, J. Molenaar


A first assessment of Fraxinus excelsior (common ash) susceptibility to Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (ash dieback) throughout the British Isles ▶


Jonathan J. Stocks, Richard J. A. Buggs, Steve J. Lee


Activating electrochemical catalytic activity of bio-palladium by hybridizing with carbon nanotube as “e Bridge” ▶


Hao-Yi Cheng, Ya-Nan Hou, Xu Zhang et al.


DHHC5-mediated palmitoylation of S1P receptor subtype 1 determines G-protein coupling ▶


Shaymaa Mohamed Mohamed Badawy, Taro Okada, Taketoshi Kajimoto et al.


A novel role for OATP2A1/SLCO2A1 in a murine model of colon cancer ▶


Takeo Nakanishi, Yasuhiro Ohno, Rika Aotani et al.


Computational and NMR spectroscopy insights into the conformation of cyclic di-nucleotides ▶


Baifan Wang, Zhenghua Wang, Uroš Javornik et al.


Characterising Pre-pubertal Resistance to Death from Endotoxemia ▶


Rose Joachim, Freeman Suber, Lester Kobzik


Identification and characterization of genes involving the early step of Juvenile Hormone pathway in Helicoverpa armigera ▶


Wanna Zhang, Long Ma, Haijun Xiao et al.


MicroRNA regulation of Transthyretin in trophoblast differentiation and Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction ▶


Sarbani Saha, Shreeta Chakraborty, Agnihotri Bhattacharya et al.


Evaluation of BMMSCs-EPCs sheets for repairing alveolar bone defects in ovariectomized rats ▶


Yi Wen, Hongxu Yang, Yanli Liu et al.


IL-27, but not IL-35, inhibits neuroinflammation through modulating GM-CSF expression ▶


Giacomo Casella, Annamaria Finardi, Hélène Descamps et al.


Performance enhancement of a brain-computer interface using high-density multi-distance NIRS ▶


Jaeyoung Shin, Jinuk Kwon, Jongkwan Choi et al.


The spectral, spatial and contrast sensitivity of human polarization pattern perception ▶


Gary P. Misson, Stephen J. Anderson


Interaction profiling of RNA-binding ubiquitin ligases reveals a link between posttranscriptional regulation and the ubiquitin system ▶


Andrea Hildebrandt, Gregorio Alanis-Lobato, Andrea Voigt et al.


Dysregulation of YAP by ARF Stimulated with Tea-derived Carbon Nanodots ▶


Yingqiu Xie, Qinglei Sun, Ayan A. Nurkesh et al.


Exploration of Hand Grasp Patterns Elicitable Through Non-Invasive Proximal Nerve Stimulation ▶


Henry Shin, Zach Watkins, Xiaogang Hu


High throughput deep sequencing reveals the important roles of microRNAs during sweetpotato storage at chilling temperature ▶


Zeyi Xie, Aiming Wang, Hongmin Li et al.


The Systemic Response to Topical Aldara Treatment is Mediated Through Direct TLR7 Stimulation as Imiquimod Enters the Circulation ▶


Louis Nerurkar, Alison McColl, Gerard Graham et al.

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