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vrijdag 1 december 2017

Review finds ‘significant improvements’ in stroke care

Review finds 'significant improvements' in stroke care
Patients are receiving significantly improved NHS stroke care, an independent report has concluded.
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Nurses still outrank doctors as 'most trusted profession'
Nursing remains the most trusted profession outranking doctors, judges and the police, according to the latest survey of public confidence in key professionals.
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Nurse staffing levels will 'determine NHS winter capacity'
Nurse staffing levels will be a "determining factor" for health service providers that need to open extra capacity to cope with winter pressures, NHS leaders in England have warned.
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Regulator warns of nursing shortage in Northern Ireland
Nursing shortages are affecting the quality of care in hospitals and care homes in Northern Ireland, warn regulators, who have highlighted their concerns to the UK's Department of Health.
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Developing type 1 diabetes 'as common' in adults as children
Many adults with type 1 diabetes – including prime minister Theresa May – have been misdiagnosed due to misconceptions the condition is a childhood disease, claim researchers behind a new study.
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Pioneering catheter design receives award from engineers
The inventors of a new type of catheter have been presented with a "clinical impact" award by a leading body of engineers.
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