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maandag 4 december 2017

RCGP: College reassured GPs will retain freedom to prescribe following NHS England board meeting

College reassured GPs will retain freedom to prescribe following NHS England board meeting

She said: "Prescription costs are a significant expense for the health service, and so if we can take safe, sensible measures to reduce these costs then we should. GPs will welcome any guidance to support us in facilitating this, where appropriate.

"We're pleased that NHS England have listened to our concerns and for the reassurance that GPs will retain the freedom to prescribe and develop treatment plans based on the physical, psychological and social factors potentially affecting the health of the patient in front of us.

"The College supports efforts which encourage patients to self-care, and if patients are in a position that they can afford to buy over the counter medicines and products, then we would encourage them to do so rather than request a prescription. But some patients, often the most vulnerable in society, are not, and it is important that they are not alienated as a result of this guidance.

"There is also the issue of limited quantities of certain medications available over the counter, which GPs will need to consider for some patients.

"Ultimately, regardless of how much money the NHS is able to save through these changes, it remains paramount that NHSE's GP Forward View, which pledges £2.4bn extra a year for general practice and 5000 more GPs by 2020, is implemented in full and as a matter of urgency."

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RCGP Scotland statement on Scottish Government announcement of 800 more GPs

"RCGP Scotland welcomes today's announcement by the Cabinet Secretary that the Scottish Government plans to increase the number of GPs in Scotland by at least 800 over the next decade, and we very much look forward to seeing the detail around this in the primary care workforce plan. The College is very pleased that the Cabinet Secretary has again publicly recognised the crucial and central role that GPs play in our health service. RCGP Scotland has been campaigning since 2014, through our Put Patients First campaign, for a significant increase in the number of GPs through which to deliver high quality, timely care for patients and ease the current pressures on the GP workforce.

"Analysis previously undertaken by RCGP Scotland has shown that Scotland is facing a shortfall of 856 Whole Time Equivalent GPs by 2021. We have always been clear that if specific action isn't taken to plug this gap, general practice faces an uncertain and unsustainable future and I am pleased that the Scottish Government has today gone some considerable way to recognising the severity of this situation. We also very much welcome the Cabinet Secretary's pledge to fund an intensive recruitment campaign to boost the numbers of GPs working in Scotland, and it is a positive step that more support will be offered to GPs in the early years of their career together with more to be done to encourage older GPs to remain in the workforce for longer.

"Of course, as with any announcement of this kind, we are keen to see the detail around this planned increase in GP numbers, and as practices continue to struggle on a daily basis, the College is clear that work needs to begin straight away to ensure that this commitment can be met. RCGP Scotland remains committed to working with the Scottish Government to achieve this vital growth in the GP workforce."

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Dr Mike Holmes elected new College Vice Chair

The new role of a third Vice Chair was created by the College's governing Council in September, and any member in good standing was eligible to stand.

The other three candidates were: Dr Susi Caesar, Dr Sunil Gupta, and Professor Chantal Simon.

Dr Holmes is a practising GP in York and Hull where he has been a partner at the Haxby Group since 2002. He is also Chair of Nimbuscare Ltd – an alliance of practices in York delivering care to 130,000 patients through the Primary Care Home model.

He has previously been Chair of the Humber and The Ridings Faculty, and is Clinical Lead for the RCGP Clinical Innovation and Research Centre's At Scale General Practice programme, and the 'QI Ready' component of the Quality Improvement programme.

He has been the Humber and The Ridings Faculty representative on College Council since February 2017.

He will formally take up the role at the College's next Council meeting on 23 February 2018.

Dr Holmes said: "I'm delighted to be elected to be the College's new Vice Chair, and I look forward to working with the rest of the Officer team to ensure we are listening to and engaging with members in the most effective way possible."

RCGP Chief Operating Officer and Returning Officer Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick, said: "Many congratulations to Mike who brings huge amounts of expertise and experience to the College's Leadership team.

"Thank you to all four candidates for putting themselves forward and running their campaigns in such a fair and professional manner."

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