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woensdag 6 december 2017

NHS Confederation: The Health Foundation assesses the current funding model for NHS services

The Health Foundation assesses the current funding model for NHS services
In this report, the Health Foundation reviews the current funding model in place for NHS providers and weighs up whether it is still aligned with government policy on the NHS. It finds that there is now a disparity between the functionality of the model and the level of funding awarded to the NHS. It proposes 'whole-population budgets' which, it argues would improve the current model.
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The Kings Fund considers current methods for embedding quality improvement in the NHS
This paper from the Kings Fund looks at current efforts to improve care in the NHS, it identifies challenges to quality improvement including; staff involvement and clear direction. The paper suggests that to achieve real change, trusts must allocate proper resources and time and develop a new approach to leadership.
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The Institute for Public Policy Research looks at the future of social care funding
This report highlights shortfalls in social care and identifies other sources of potential revenue for the struggling sector. It gives particular consideration to the political implications of funding the social care sector, suggesting that successive governments have tried to tackle the issue, but none have been successful. To remedy this, it argues the terms of the debate must be changed.
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