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donderdag 7 december 2017

Nature Nanotechnology Contents December 2017 Volume 12 Number 12 pp1105-1200

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Nature Nanotechnology

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December 2017 Volume 12, Issue 12

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npj 2D Materials and Applications is an online-only, open access journal that aims to become a top-tier interdisciplinary platform for scientists to share research on 2D materials and their applications.

Part of the Nature Partner Journals series, npj 2D Materials and Applications is published in partnership with FCT NOVA, Lisbon, with the support of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). The journal is now open for submissions.

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KAUST Discovery: Research into sustainable agriculture 

Plant Scientist Mark Tester's research into growing crops on poor-quality soils or on otherwise barren land is discovering some ground-breaking findings.

Find out more on how Tester's research could one day help feed the world. 

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Moore's deviation    p1105



On phonons and water flow enhancement in carbon nanotubes    pp1106 - 1108
Eduardo R. Cruz-Chú, Ermioni Papadopoulou, Jens H. Walther, Aleksandar Popadic, Gengyun Li et al.

Reply to 'On phonons and water flow enhancement in carbon nanotubes'    p1108
Ming Ma, Francois Grey, Luming Shen, Michael Urbakh, Shuai Wu et al.

The shortfall of risk assessment for decision-making    pp1109 - 1110
Rune Hjorth



Reproducibility, sharing and progress in nanomaterial databases    pp1111 - 1114
Alexander Tropsha, Karmann C. Mills & Anthony J. Hickey

Research Highlights


Our choice from the recent literature    p1115

News and Views


Single-molecule DNA sequencing: Getting to the bottom of the well    pp1116 - 1117
Hagan Bayley

DNA nanotechnology: On-command molecular Trojans    pp1117 - 1119
Christof M. Niemeyer

Levitated nanoparticles: Nanoparticles jumping high    pp1119 - 1120
Nikolai Kiesel & Eric Lutz

DNA nanotechnology: DNA robots that sort cargoes    p1120
Wenjie Sun

Nanomaterials: 2D materials for silicon photonics    pp1121 - 1122
Yanhao Tang & Kin Fai Mak

Nature Nanotechnology
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A MoTe2-based light-emitting diode and photodetector for silicon photonic integrated circuits    pp1124 - 1129
Ya-Qing Bie, Gabriele Grosso, Mikkel Heuck, Marco M. Furchi, Yuan Cao et al.
Optical interconnect components based on bilayer MoTe2 p-n junctions can be directly integrated with silicon photonics

Direct measurement of Kramers turnover with a levitated nanoparticle    pp1130 - 1133
Loï Rondin, Jan Gieseler, Francesco Ricci, Romain Quidant, Christoph Dellago et al.
The influence of damping on the transition rate of a bistable system has been measured with an optically levitated nanoparticle.

Hot carrier-enhanced interlayer electron-hole pair multiplication in 2D semiconductor heterostructure photocells    pp1134 - 1139
Fatemeh Barati, Max Grossnickle, Shanshan Su, Roger K. Lake, Vivek Aji et al.
Highly efficient interlayer e-h pair multiplication process in two-dimensional TMD heterostructures leads to strong enhancement of the optoelectronic responsivity.

npj Clean Water: open for submissions 

An open access, online-only journal, dedicated to publishing high-quality papers that describe the significant and cutting-edge research that continues to ensure the supply of clean water to populations.

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Towards zero-threshold optical gain using charged semiconductor quantum dots    pp1140 - 1147
Kaifeng Wu, Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim & Victor I. Klimov
Blocking band-edge absorption of compositionally graded quantum dots with suppressed Auger recombination by pre-existing electrons allows for demonstrating near-zero-threshold optical gain and amplified spontaneous emission at sub-single-exciton pump levels.

Multifunctional high-performance van der Waals heterostructures    pp1148 - 1154
Mingqiang Huang, Shengman Li, Zhenfeng Zhang, Xiong Xiong, Xuefei Li et al.
Black phosphorus/molybdenum disulfide heterostructures serve as a building block for logic devices with overall superior performance characteristics.

Directed emission of CdSe nanoplatelets originating from strongly anisotropic 2D electronic structure    pp1155 - 1160
Riccardo Scott, Jan Heckmann, Anatol V. Prudnikau, Artsiom Antanovich, Aleksandr Mikhailov et al.
Strong anisotropy of the electronic Bloch functions observed in CdSe nanoplatelets enables efficient directional emission.

Protein recognition by a pattern-generating fluorescent molecular probe    pp1161 - 1168
Zohar Pode, Ronny Peri-Naor, Joseph M. Georgeson, Tal Ilani, Vladimir Kiss et al.
A molecule-sized 'nose' capable of producing unique fluorescence signatures for different proteins can detect combinations of biomarkers in biofluids, track several binding interactions simultaneously, and identify isoforms in living cells inaccessible to comparable macroscopic analytical devices.

Length-independent DNA packing into nanopore zero-mode waveguides for low-input DNA sequencing    pp1169 - 1175

Fast four-colour sequence readout from 20,000-bp-long DNA has been realized at sub-nanogram DNA input based on length-independent, voltage-induced DNA loading into waveguides equipped with nanopores in their floors.

Inner- and outer-wall sorting of double-walled carbon nanotubes    pp1176 - 1182
Han Li, Georgy Gordeev, Sören Wasserroth, Venkata Sai Kiran Chakravadhanula, Shyam Kumar Chethala Neelakandhan et al.
For the first time, four different double-walled carbon nanotubes were sorted via aqueous gel permeation according to the electronic coupling between the inner and outer wall.

Cell-targetable DNA nanocapsules for spatiotemporal release of caged bioactive small molecules    pp1183 - 1189
Aneesh T. Veetil, Kasturi Chakraborty, Kangni Xiao, Myles R. Minter, Sangram S. Sisodia et al.
An icosahedral DNA nanocapsule with photoresponsive polymers that can deliver small molecules into model organisms with high spatial and temporal resolution.

A synthetic intrabody-based selective and generic inhibitor of GPCR endocytosis    pp1190 - 1198
Eshan Ghosh, Ashish Srivastava, Mithu Baidya, Punita Kumari, Hemlata Dwivedi et al.
A synthetic antibody fragment can disrupt the interaction of a GPCR regulatory protein ?-arrestin with clathrin, and thereby inhibit induced internalization of GPCRs.

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In The Classroom


How to build a nanotech company    p1200
James Vicary

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