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maandag 11 december 2017

Charity recognises ‘pioneering’ specialist dementia nurses

Charity recognises 'pioneering' specialist dementia nurses
The charity Dementia UK has recognised the achievements of three of its Admiral nurses for people living with dementia, whose work it described as "pioneering".
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Chair-elect pledges to ensure RCN 'delivers' for members
The newly-elected chair of the Royal College of Nursing has pledged to "make sure it delivers what it should do for members".
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Midlands trusts turns to 4X4 owners to get nurses to work
West Midlands trusts made social media appeals on Sunday for volunteers with 4X4 vehicles to drive nurses to work in anticipation of staff shortages, while others battled in through the snow on foot.
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Exeter A&E staff giving 'bags of comfort to patients in need'
Clinical staff from the accident and emergency department at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have started a campaign to "bring a little extra comfort to patients who need it".
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Green book updated on flu vaccination for older age groups
National vaccination guidance has been updated to reflect evidence suggesting that adjuvanted trivalent influenza vaccines (aTIVs) work better for older patients than other flu jabs.
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Hospitals failing to prepare for winter surge in lung disease
Hospital trusts must take note of evidence showing that lung disease is "almost unique" high seasonal variation, with a rise in admissions coinciding with cold weather episodes.
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