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zondag 3 december 2017

BBC Health: 'We aim to hit the charts'

'We aim to hit the charts'
Pete Hirst has bipolar disorder and was sectioned after a spell of psychosis.
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Completely blind backpacker travelling around the world
Mr Giles's first solo trip was to New Orleans in 2000 - he has now visited more than 120 countries.
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Migraine is 'not just a headache'
Tania suffers from extreme migraines that cause vomiting. A new treatment could ease that.
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'A ticking time-bomb'
When Carla Atherton found she had the faulty BRCA gene, she did everything to save her life.
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Fresh heart
It is 50 years since the first heart transplant took place, ushering in a new era of media attention and medical celebrity.
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