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woensdag 15 november 2017

The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 15 November 2017; Vol. 36, No. 22

15 November 2017 | Volume 36, Number 22 Submit

Table of Contents

News & Views

Volume 36, Number 22

News & Views

A unique microglia subpopulation regulates CNS myelination via Igf1 expression.

Mariko L Bennett and Ben A Barres
Published online 03.11.2017


Identifying prostaglandin transporter SLCO2A1 as a core component of the Maxi‐Cl anion channel shows that a transporter protein can moonlight as an ion channel.

Daniel L Minor, Jr
Published online 19.10.2017


Atg18, a member of the PI3P‐binding PROPPIN family of proteins, carries membrane fission activity, which is necessary to divide the lysosome‐like yeast vacuoles into smaller vesicles.

Navin Gopaldass, Bruno Fauvet, Hilal Lashuel, Aurélien Roux and Andreas Mayer
Published online 13.10.2017


In contrast to the homeostatic and neuroinflammatory roles of adult microglia, a unique neonatal CD11c‐expressing subpopulation acts to deliver IGF1 and other signals needed for myelination and neurogenesis.

Agnieszka Wlodarczyk, Inge R Holtman, Martin Krueger, Nir Yogev, Julia Bruttger, Reza Khorooshi, Anouk Benmamar‐Badel, Jelkje J de Boer‐Bergsma, Nellie A Martin, Khalad Karram, Isabella Kramer, Erik WGM Boddeke, Ari Waisman, Bart JL Eggen and Trevor Owens
Published online 28.09.2017 Open Access


A combination of proteomics, RNAi screening, and reconstitution approaches reveals the molecular identity of the long‐sought maxi‐anion channel activity in cells.

Ravshan Z Sabirov, Petr G Merzlyak, Toshiaki Okada, Md Rafiqul Islam, Hiromi Uramoto, Tomoko Mori, Yumiko Makino, Hiroshi Matsuura, Yu Xie and Yasunobu Okada
Published online 18.10.2017


Yes‐associated protein activation triggers transcription of long noncoding RNA BCAR4, leading to GLI2‐mediated expression of key glycolytic enzymes.

Xin Zheng, Han Han, Guang‐Ping Liu, Yan‐Xiu Ma, Ruo‐Lang Pan, Ling‐Jie Sang, Rui‐Hua Li, Luo‐Jia Yang, Jeffrey R Marks, Wenqi Wang and Aifu Lin
Published online 28.09.2017


Tumor‐associated macrophages express the EMT‐associated transcription factor ZEB1, which drives their tumor‐promoting and chemotherapy‐resistance functions in mouse ovarian cancer models.

Marlies Cortés, Lidia Sanchez‐Moral, Oriol de Barrios, María J Fernández‐Aceñero, MC Martínez‐Campanario, Anna Esteve‐Codina, Douglas S Darling, Balázs Győrffy, Toby Lawrence, Douglas C Dean and Antonio Postigo
Published online 16.10.2017


In animal and cellular models of Alzheimer disease (AD) and in fibroblasts from AD patients, APP‐C99 levels are increased in mitochondria‐associated endoplasmic reticulum membrane (ER‐MAM) regions, resulting in perturbed lipid homeostasis and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Marta Pera, Delfina Larrea, Cristina Guardia‐Laguarta, Jorge Montesinos, Kevin R Velasco, Rishi R Agrawal, Yimeng Xu, Robin B Chan, Gilbert Di Paolo, Mark F Mehler, Geoffrey S Perumal, Frank P Macaluso, Zachary Z Freyberg, Rebeca Acin‐Perez, Jose Antonio Enriquez, Eric A Schon and Estela Area‐Gomez
Published online 10.10.2017 Open Access


Processing of UV‐induced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers within the context of nucleosomes involves chromatin recruitment of the CHD1 remodeler via the primary lesion sensor XPC.

Peter Rüthemann, Chiara Balbo Pogliano, Tamara Codilupi, Zuzana Garajovà and Hanspeter Naegeli
Published online 10.10.2017


In vitro reconstitution of the human dynein complex reveals the differential control of dynein activity on dynamic microtubules by a combination of its key regulators.

Rupam Jha, Johanna Roostalu, Nicholas I Cade, Martina Trokter and Thomas Surrey
Published online 16.10.2017 Open Access

Atsuko Minowa‐Nozawa, Takashi Nozawa, Keiko Okamoto‐Furuta, Haruyasu Kohda and Ichiro Nakagawa
Published online 15.11.2017

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