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dinsdag 28 november 2017

Scientific Reports Earth Sciences Table of Contents e-alert: 28 November 2017

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  28 November 2017    
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Phytoplankton communities determine the spatio-temporal heterogeneity of alkaline phosphatase activity: evidence from a tributary of the Three Gorges Reservoir ▶


Yijun Yuan, Yonghong Bi, Zhengyu Hu


Paleoclimatic information recorded in fluid inclusions in halites from Lop Nur, Western China ▶


Xiao-hong Sun, Yan-jun Zhao, Cheng-lin Liu et al.


Surface modification of layered perovskite Sr2TiO4 for improved CO2 photoreduction with H2O to CH4 ▶


Byeong Sub Kwak, Jeong Yeon Do, No-Kuk Park et al.


Clipping has stronger effects on plant production than does warming in three alpine meadow sites on the Northern Tibetan Plateau ▶


Gang Fu, Zhen Xi Shen


Assessment of Unusual Gigantic Jets observed during the Monsoon season: First observations from Indian Subcontinent ▶


Rajesh Singh, Ajeet K. Maurya, Olivier Chanrion et al.


Longer aftershocks duration in extensional tectonic settings ▶


E. Valerio, P. Tizzani, E. Carminati et al.


Unraveling the molecular mechanism of photosynthetic toxicity of highly fluorescent silver nanoclusters to Scenedesmus obliquus ▶


Li Zhang, Nirmal Goswami, Jianping Xie et al.


Wind-generated Electricity in China: Decreasing Potential, Inter-annual Variability and Association with Changing Climate ▶


Peter Sherman, Xinyu Chen, Michael B. McElroy


A multi-country assessment of factors related to smallholder food security in varying rainfall conditions ▶


Meredith T. Niles, Molly E. Brown


Sorption Hysteresis of Light Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide in Shale and Kerogen ▶


Huangjing Zhao, Zhiping Lai, Abbas Firoozabadi


New Early Cretaceous palaeomagnetic and geochronological results from the far western Lhasa terrane: Contributions to the Lhasa-Qiangtang collision ▶


Weiwei Bian, Tianshui Yang, Yiming Ma et al.


Tides in the Last Interglacial: insights from notch geometry and palaeo tidal models in Bonaire, Netherland Antilles ▶


Thomas Lorscheid, Thomas Felis, Paolo Stocchi et al.


Recognition of a likely two phased extinction at the K-Pg boundary in Antarctica ▶


Thomas S. Tobin


Gas hydrate saturations estimated from pore-and fracture-filling gas hydrate reservoirs in the Qilian Mountain permafrost, China ▶


Kun Xiao, Changchun Zou, Zhenquan Lu et al.


Understanding heat patterns produced by vehicular flows in urban areas ▶


Rui Zhu, Man Sing Wong, Éric Guilbert et al.


An estimate of diapycnal nutrient fluxes to the euphotic zone in the Florida Straits ▶


Jia-Zhong Zhang, Molly O. Baringer, Charles J. Fischer et al.


Determination of Asphaltene Critical Nanoaggregate Concentration Region Using Ultrasound Velocity Measurements ▶


Aleksandra Svalova, Nicholas G. Parker, Malcolm J. W. Povey et al.


Direct evidence of multichannel-improved charge-carrier mechanism for enhanced photocatalytic H2 evolution ▶


Jiangtao Zhao, Peng Zhang, Zhuo Wang et al.


The steady enhancement of the Australian Summer Monsoon in the last 200 years ▶


David Gallego, Ricardo García-Herrera, Cristina Peña-Ortiz et al.


Mercury evasion from a boreal peatland shortens the timeline for recovery from legacy pollution ▶


Stefan Osterwalder, Kevin Bishop, Christine Alewell et al.


Declining pre-monsoon dust loading over South Asia: Signature of a changing regional climate ▶


Satyendra K. Pandey, V. Vinoj, K. Landu et al.


Drift-dependent changes in iceberg size-frequency distributions ▶


James D. Kirkham, Nick J. Rosser, John Wainwright et al.


Dissecting the Re-Os molybdenite geochronometer ▶


Fernando Barra, Artur Deditius, Martin Reich et al.


Destructive influence of interlayer coupling on Heider balance in bilayer networks ▶


Piotr J. Górski, Krzysztof Kułakowski, Przemysław Gawroński et al.


Comparative Genomics of Color Morphs In the Coral Montastraea cavernosa ▶


Jessica K. Jarett, Matthew D. MacManes, Kathleen M. Morrow et al.


Comparative metagenomics of hydrocarbon and methane seeps of the Gulf of Mexico ▶


Adrien Vigneron, Eric B. Alsop, Perrine Cruaud et al.

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