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dinsdag 14 november 2017

Scientific Reports Earth Sciences Table of Contents e-alert: 14 November 2017

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  14 November 2017    
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Productivity benefits of warming at regional scale could be offset by detrimental impacts on site level hydrology ▶


Qing Zeng, Yamian Zhang, Li Wen et al.


1000-Year Quasi-Periodicity of Weak Monsoon Events in Temperate Northeast Asia since the Mid-Holocene ▶


Kyoung-nam Jo, Sangheon Yi, Jin-Yong Lee et al.


Acoustic Mapping of Thermohaline Staircases in the Arctic Ocean ▶


Christian Stranne, Larry Mayer, Thomas C. Weber et al.


Study on the characteristics of future precipitation in response to external changes over arid and humid basins ▶


Lianqing Xue, Boli Zhu, Changbing Yang et al.


Radiological Investigation of High Background Radiation Areas ▶


Fawzia Mubarak, M. Fayez-Hassan, N. A. Mansour et al.


India Is Overtaking China as the World’s Largest Emitter of Anthropogenic Sulfur Dioxide ▶


Can Li, Chris McLinden, Vitali Fioletov et al.


Net primary productivity and its partitioning in response to precipitation gradient in an alpine meadow ▶


Fangyue Zhang, Quan Quan, Bing Song et al.


Chemical and cellular oxidant production induced by naphthalene secondary organic aerosol (SOA): effect of redox-active metals and photochemical aging ▶


Wing Y. Tuet, Yunle Chen, Shierly Fok et al.


Grazing exclusion by fencing non-linearly restored the degraded alpine grasslands on the Tibetan Plateau ▶


Jianshuang Wu, Yunfei Feng, Xianzhou Zhang et al.


Updating the Geologic Barcodes for South China: Discovery of Late Archean Banded Iron Formations in the Yangtze Craton ▶


Hui Ye, Chang-Zhi Wu, Tao Yang et al.


Maximum temperature drove snow cover expansion from the Arctic, 2000–2008 ▶


Yi Lin, Miao Jiang


Experimental throughfall reduction barely affects soil carbon dynamics in a warm-temperate oak forest, central China ▶


Haibo Lu, Shirong Liu, Hui Wang et al.


Birth of an oceanic spreading center at a magma-poor rift system ▶


Morgane Gillard, Daniel Sauter, Julie Tugend et al.


Anaerobic digestion of pig manure supernatant at high ammonia concentrations characterized by high abundances of Methanosaeta and non-euryarchaeotal archaea ▶


Anna Synnøve Røstad Nordgård, Wenche Hennie Bergland, Olav Vadstein et al.


Spatial Distribution of Carbon Stored in Forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo ▶


Liang Xu, Sassan S. Saatchi, Aurélie Shapiro et al.


Climate induced human demographic and cultural change in northern Europe during the mid-Holocene ▶


L. Warden, M. Moros, T. Neumann et al.


Atomistic Structure of Mineral Nano-aggregates from Simulated Compaction and Dewatering ▶


Tuan Anh Ho, Jeffery A. Greathouse, Yifeng Wang et al.


Stable Isotopes Reveal Rapid Enamel Elongation (Amelogenesis) Rates for the Early Cretaceous Iguanodontian Dinosaur Lanzhousaurus magnidens ▶


Celina A. Suarez, Hai-Lu You, Marina B. Suarez et al.


Urban Seismology: on the origin of earth vibrations within a city ▶


Jordi Díaz, Mario Ruiz, Pilar S. Sánchez-Pastor et al.


Effects of elevated CO2 on fine root biomass are reduced by aridity but enhanced by soil nitrogen: A global assessment ▶


Juan Piñeiro, Raúl Ochoa-Hueso, Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo et al.


Molecular speciation and transformation of soil legacy phosphorus with and without long-term phosphorus fertilization: Insights from bulk and microprobe spectroscopy ▶


Jin Liu, Jianjun Yang, Barbara J. Cade-Menun et al.


Folded fabric tunes rock deformation and failure mode in the upper crust ▶


F. Agliardi, M. R. Dobbs, S. Zanchetta et al.


The nature of ancient Egyptian copper-containing carbon inks is revealed by synchrotron radiation based X-ray microscopy ▶


Thomas Christiansen, Marine Cotte, René Loredo-Portales et al.

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