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dinsdag 14 november 2017

Scientific Reports Biology Table of Contents e-alert: 14 November 2017

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  14 November 2017    
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Biological Sciences

Significance of dopamine D1 receptor signalling for steroidogenic differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells ▶


Koji Matsuo, Masakatsu Sone, Kyoko Honda-Kohmo et al.


Association of long noncoding RNAs expression levels and their gene polymorphisms with systemic lupus erythematosus ▶


Jun Li, Guo-Cui Wu, Tian-Ping Zhang et al.


Acupuncture points can be identified as cutaneous neurogenic inflammatory spots ▶


Do-Hee Kim, Yeonhee Ryu, Dae Hyun Hahm et al.


New insight for pharmacogenomics studies from the transcriptional analysis of two large-scale cancer cell line panels ▶


Benjamin Sadacca, Anne-Sophie Hamy-Petit, Cécile Laurent et al.


The independent effects of vitamin D deficiency and house dust mite exposure on lung function are sex-specific ▶


Nailê K. Nuñez, Ellen Bennett, Ling Chen et al.


Feeding capability in the extinct giant Siamogale melilutra and comparative mandibular biomechanics of living Lutrinae ▶


Z. Jack Tseng, Denise F. Su, Xiaoming Wang et al.


A common neonicotinoid pesticide, thiamethoxam, alters honey bee activity, motor functions, and movement to light ▶


S. Tosi, J. C. Nieh


Genomic and epidemiological characterisation of a dengue virus outbreak among blood donors in Brazil ▶


Nuno R. Faria, Antonio Charlys da Costa, José Lourenço et al.


The gene fmt, encoding tRNAfMet-formyl transferase, is essential for normal growth of M. bovis, but not for viability ▶


Miriam Vanunu, Ziv Lang, Daniel Barkan


Atropine augments cardiac contractility by inhibiting cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 4 ▶


Ruwan K. Perera, Thomas H. Fischer, Michael Wagner et al.


Discordancy Partitioning for Validating Potentially Inconsistent Pharmacogenomic Studies ▶


J. Sunil Rao, Hongmei Liu


The gliadin peptide 31-43 exacerbates kainate neurotoxicity in epilepsy models ▶


Elisabetta Gerace, Francesco Resta, Elisa Landucci et al.


Well-being, problematic alcohol consumption and acute subjective drug effects in past-year ayahuasca users: a large, international, self-selecting online survey ▶


Will Lawn, Jaime E. Hallak, Jose A. Crippa et al.


Induction of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle by central leptin is mediated by muscle β2-adrenergic receptor but not by AMPK ▶


Tetsuya Shiuchi, Chitoku Toda, Shiki Okamoto et al.


Liprotides kill cancer cells by disrupting the plasma membrane ▶


Henriette S. Frislev, Theresa Louise Boye, Jesper Nylandsted et al.


A nanobody-based tracer targeting DPP6 for non-invasive imaging of human pancreatic endocrine cells ▶


Alexander Balhuizen, Sam Massa, Iris Mathijs et al.


Identification of a Neurocognitive Mechanism Underpinning Awareness of Chronic Tinnitus ▶


Krysta J. Trevis, Chris Tailby, David B. Grayden et al.


Neural-specific deletion of mitochondrial p32/C1qbp leads to leukoencephalopathy due to undifferentiated oligodendrocyte and axon degeneration ▶


Mikako Yagi, Takeshi Uchiumi, Noriaki Sagata et al.


Inhibition of Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinease suppresses formation and progression of experimental abdominal aortic aneurysms ▶


Jing Yu, Rui Liu, Jianhua Huang et al.


Urinary peptidomics analysis reveals proteases involved in diabetic nephropathy ▶


Magdalena Krochmal, Georgia Kontostathi, Pedro Magalhães et al.


Reconstructing Yeasts Phylogenies and Ancestors from Whole Genome Data ▶


Bing Feng, Yu Lin, Lingxi Zhou et al.


Unlocking the biomineralization style and affinity of Paleozoic fusulinid foraminifera ▶


Zofia Dubicka, Przemysław Gorzelak


Effect of vitamin D supplementation on inflammation and nuclear factor kappa-B activity in overweight/obese adults: a randomized placebo-controlled trial ▶


Aya Mousa, Negar Naderpoor, Josphin Johnson et al.


Large-scale in vitro production, refolding and dimerization of PsbS in different microenvironments ▶


Maithili Krishnan, Geri F. Moolenaar, Karthick Babu Sai Sankar Gupta et al.


Differential T Cell Signaling Pathway Activation by Tacrolimus and Belatacept after Kidney Transplantation: Post Hoc Analysis of a Randomised-Controlled Trial ▶


Nynke M. Kannegieter, Dennis A. Hesselink, Marjolein Dieterich et al.


D-Cateslytin, a new antimicrobial peptide with therapeutic potential ▶


Abdurraouf Zaet, Pauline Dartevelle, Fadoua Daouad et al.


Evolution of facial color pattern complexity in lemurs ▶


Hanitriniaina Rakotonirina, Peter M. Kappeler, Claudia Fichtel


Substrate Microarchitecture Shapes the Paracrine Crosstalk of Stem Cells with Endothelial Cells and Osteoblasts ▶


Francisco Martín-Saavedra, Lara Crespo, Clara Escudero-Duch et al.


Detection of genomic loci associated with chromosomal recombination using high-density linkage mapping in Setaria ▶


Guanqing Jia, Haigang Wang, Sha Tang et al.


Structural basis of small molecule ATPase inhibition of a human mitotic kinesin motor protein ▶


Hee-Won Park, Zhujun Ma, Haizhong Zhu et al.


Enzymatic degradation of organophosphorus insecticides decreases toxicity in planarians and enhances survival ▶


Laetitia Poirier, Lucile Brun, Pauline Jacquet et al.


DNA methylation regulates TMEM16A/ANO1 expression through multiple CpG islands in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma ▶


Andrey Finegersh, Scott Kulich, Theresa Guo et al.


Deep sequencing and analyses of miRNAs, isomiRs and miRNA induced silencing complex (miRISC)-associated miRNome in primary human chondrocytes ▶


Abdul Haseeb, Mohammad Shahidul Makki, Nazir M. Khan et al.


Influence of Precipitation and Crop Germination on Resource Selection by Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) in Southwest Colorado ▶


Emily M. Carrollo, Heather E. Johnson, Justin W. Fischer et al.


A temperature sensitive Mycobacterium paragordonae induces enhanced protective immune responses against mycobacterial infections in the mouse model ▶


Byoung-Jun Kim, Bo-Ram Kim, Yoon-Hoh Kook et al.


Site of asteroid impact changed the history of life on Earth: the low probability of mass extinction ▶


Kunio Kaiho, Naga Oshima


The biomechanical coordination during oropharyngeal swallowing: an evaluation with a non-invasive sensing system ▶


Qiang Li, Yoshitomo Minagi, Takahiro Ono et al.


Insecticidal effects of dsRNA targeting the Diap1 gene in dipteran pests ▶


Michelle Powell, Prashant Pyati, Min Cao et al.


Hypoxia-induced reactive oxygen species mediate N-cadherin and SERPINE1 expression, EGFR signalling and motility in MDA-MB-468 breast cancer cells ▶


Iman Azimi, Rosalie M. Petersen, Erik W. Thompson et al.


Specific Light-Up System for Protein and Metabolite Targets Triggered by Initiation Complex Formation ▶


Hiroto Fujita, Yuka Kataoka, Remi Nagano et al.


Characterization of mammary-specific disruptions for Tph1 and Lrp5 during murine lactation ▶


Samantha R. Weaver, Nicholas J. Jury, Karen A. Gregerson et al.


The liver protection of propylene glycol alginate sodium sulfate preconditioning against ischemia reperfusion injury: focusing MAPK pathway activity ▶


Shizan Xu, Peiqin Niu, Kan Chen et al.


Observer’s anxiety facilitates magnocellular processing of clear facial threat cues, but impairs parvocellular processing of ambiguous facial threat cues ▶


Hee Yeon Im, Reginald B. Adams, Jasmine Boshyan et al.


IL-6/IL-12 Cytokine Receptor Shuffling of Extra- and Intracellular Domains Reveals Canonical STAT Activation via Synthetic IL-35 and IL-39 Signaling ▶


D. M. Floss, M. Schönberg, M. Franke et al.


Transcriptomic and epigenetic responses to short-term nutrient-exercise stress in humans ▶


R. C. Laker, C. Garde, D. M. Camera et al.


Imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos insecticides impair migratory ability in a seed-eating songbird ▶


Margaret L. Eng, Bridget J. M. Stutchbury, Christy A. Morrissey


Divergent proliferation patterns of distinct human hair follicle epithelial progenitor niches in situ and their differential responsiveness to prostaglandin D2 ▶


Talveen S. Purba, Michael Peake, Bessam Farjo et al.


Potential damaging mutation in LRP5 from genome sequencing of the first reported chimpanzee with the Chiari malformation ▶


Manuel Solis-Moruno, Marc de Manuel, Jessica Hernandez-Rodriguez et al.


A genome-wide association study links small-vessel ischemic stroke to autophagy ▶


Tsong-Hai Lee, Tai-Ming Ko, Chien-Hsiun Chen et al.


High yield matrix-free ionization of biomolecules by pulse-heating ion source ▶


Xi Luo, Phan-Trong Tue, Kiyotaka Sugiyama et al.


Crickets alter wind-elicited escape strategies depending on acoustic context ▶


Matasaburo Fukutomi, Hiroto Ogawa


Rupturing Giant Plasma Membrane Vesicles to Form Micron-sized Supported Cell Plasma Membranes with Native Transmembrane Proteins ▶


Po-Chieh Chiang, Kevin Tanady, Ling-Ting Huang et al.


Modification of single-nucleotide polymorphism in a fully humanized CYP3A mouse by genome editing technology ▶


Satoshi Abe, Kaoru Kobayashi, Asami Oji et al.


Synergistic combinations of short high-voltage pulses and long low-voltage pulses enhance irreversible electroporation efficacy ▶


Chenguo Yao, Yanpeng Lv, Yajun Zhao et al.


Measuring the Conformational Distance of GPCR-related Proteins Using a Joint-based Descriptor ▶


Jayaraman Thangappan, Bharat Madan, Sangwook Wu et al.


Plasticity of the inner cell mass in mouse blastocyst is restricted by the activity of FGF/MAPK pathway ▶


M. Wigger, K. Kisielewska, K. Filimonow et al.


Zinc is a critical regulator of placental morphogenesis and maternal hemodynamics during pregnancy in mice ▶


Rebecca L. Wilson, Shalem Y. Leemaqz, Zona Goh et al.


Binding of mycotoxins to proteins involved in neuronal plasticity: a combined in silico/wet investigation ▶


Bernardina Scafuri, Antonio Varriale, Angelo Facchiano et al.


Chromatin Protamination and Catsper Expression in Spermatozoa Predict Clinical Outcomes after Assisted Reproduction Programs ▶


S. Marchiani, L. Tamburrino, F. Benini et al.


Spatio-temporal trends in crop damage inform recent climate-mediated expansion of a large boreal herbivore into an agro-ecosystem ▶


Michel P. Laforge, Nicole L. Michel, Ryan K. Brook


The NOD2 receptor is crucial for immune responses towards New World Leishmania species ▶


Jéssica Cristina dos Santos, Michelle S. M. A. Damen, Marije Oosting et al.


Clinical Parameters and Gut Microbiome Changes Before and After Surgery in Thoracic Aortic Dissection in Patients with Gastrointestinal Complications ▶


Shuai Zheng, Shulin Shao, Zhiyu Qiao et al.


Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoite-extract acts as a potent immunomodulator against allergic sensitization and airway inflammation ▶


Mirjana Drinić, Angelika Wagner, Priya Sarate et al.


LPPtiger software for lipidome-specific prediction and identification of oxidized phospholipids from LC-MS datasets ▶


Zhixu Ni, Georgia Angelidou, Ralf Hoffmann et al.


Field-relevant doses of the systemic insecticide fipronil and fungicide pyraclostrobin impair mandibular and hypopharyngeal glands in nurse honeybees (Apis mellifera) ▶


Rodrigo Zaluski, Luis Antonio Justulin, Ricardo de Oliveira Orsi


Polymer Nanodiscs: Discoidal Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Membranes as a New Platform for Membrane Proteins ▶


Mariana C. Fiori, Yunjiang Jiang, Wan Zheng et al.


Engineering ‘cell robots’ for parallel and highly sensitive screening of biomolecules under in vivo conditions ▶


Lifu Song, An-Ping Zeng


Establishment and phenotyping of disease model cells created by cell-resealing technique ▶


Fumi Kano, Yoshiyuki Noguchi, Masayuki Murata


A Microdevice Platform Recapitulating Hypoxic Tumor Microenvironments ▶


Yuta Ando, Hoang P. Ta, Daniel P. Yen et al.


Identification of a novel cAMP dependent protein kinase A phosphorylation site on the human cardiac calcium channel ▶


Henrietta Cserne Szappanos, Padmapriya Muralidharan, Evan Ingley et al.


Carnosol controls the human glioblastoma stemness features through the epithelial-mesenchymal transition modulation and the induction of cancer stem cell apoptosis ▶


Chiara Giacomelli, Simona Daniele, Letizia Natali et al.


Respiratory Syncytial Virus Exacerbates OVA-mediated asthma in mice through C5a-C5aR regulating CD4+T cells Immune Responses ▶


Xinyue Hu, Xiaozhao Li, Chengping Hu et al.


Identification of selection signals by large-scale whole-genome resequencing of cashmere goats ▶


Xiaokai Li, Rui Su, Wenting Wan et al.


The Association between Galectin-3 and hs-CRP and the Clinical Outcome after Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction with Preexisting Atrial Fibrillation ▶


Milan Pavlović, Svetlana Apostolović, Dragana Stokanović et al.


Delivery of Native Proteins into C. elegans Using a Transduction Protocol Based on Lipid Vesicles ▶


Michele Perni, Francesco A. Aprile, Sam Casford et al.


An apelin receptor antagonist prevents pathological retinal angiogenesis with ischemic retinopathy in mice ▶


Yuki Ishimaru, Fumiya Shibagaki, Akiko Yamamuro et al.


Valproic Acid Sensitizes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Proton Therapy by Suppressing NRF2 Activation ▶


Jeong Il Yu, Changhoon Choi, Sung-Won Shin et al.


Supernatural Belief Is Not Modulated by Intuitive Thinking Style or Cognitive Inhibition ▶


Miguel Farias, Valerie van Mulukom, Guy Kahane et al.


ADAM9 promotes lung cancer progression through vascular remodeling by VEGFA, ANGPT2, and PLAT ▶


Chen-Yuan Lin, Chia-Fong Cho, Shih-Ting Bai et al.


Melatonin promotes triacylglycerol accumulation via MT2 receptor during differentiation in bovine intramuscular preadipocytes ▶


Wucai Yang, Keqiong Tang, Yaning Wang et al.


Behavioral changes after nicotine challenge are associated with α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-stimulated glutamate release in the rat dorsal striatum ▶


In Soo Ryu, Jieun Kim, Su Yeon Seo et al.


Inter-individual variation in genes governing human hippocampal progenitor differentiation in vitro is associated with hippocampal volume in adulthood ▶


Timothy R. Powell, Tytus Murphy, Sang H. Lee et al.


The study on the association between Beijing genotype family and drug susceptibility phenotypes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Beijing ▶


Yi Liu, Xiaoying Jiang, Wensheng Li et al.


AAV-mediated transcription factor EB (TFEB) gene delivery ameliorates muscle pathology and function in the murine model of Pompe Disease ▶


Francesca Gatto, Barbara Rossi, Antonietta Tarallo et al.


Decoy Wnt receptor (sLRP6E1E2)-expressing adenovirus induces anti-fibrotic effect via inhibition of Wnt and TGF-β signaling ▶


Won Jai Lee, Jung-Sun Lee, Hyo Min Ahn et al.


Deconstructing atypical eye gaze perception in autism spectrum disorder ▶


Peter C. Pantelis, Daniel P. Kennedy


Genome-wide Association Study of Idiopathic Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head ▶


Yuma Sakamoto, Takuaki Yamamoto, Nobuhiko Sugano et al.


Near infrared light decreases synaptic vulnerability to amyloid beta oligomers ▶


Michele M. Comerota, Balaji Krishnan, Giulio Taglialatela


Protein nutrition governs within-host race of honey bee pathogens ▶


Manuel Tritschler, Jutta J. Vollmann, Orlando Yañez et al.


Novel serotonin transporter regulators: Natural aristolane- and nardosinane- types of sesquiterpenoids from Nardostachys chinensis Batal ▶


Ying-Peng Chen, Shu-Song Ying, Hong-Hong Zheng et al.


Influences of anthropogenic land use on microbial community structure and functional potentials of stream benthic biofilms ▶


Xiaodong Qu, Ze Ren, Haiping Zhang et al.


Temporal and spatial expression of genes involved in DNA methylation during reproductive development of sexual and apomictic Eragrostis curvula ▶


J. P. Selva, L. Siena, J. M. Rodrigo et al.


Apolipoprotein M mediates sphingosine-1-phosphate efflux from erythrocytes ▶


Pernille M. Christensen, Markus H. Bosteen, Stefan Hajny et al.


Novel method for rapid fluorescence in-situ hybridization of ALK rearrangement using non-contact alternating current electric field mixing ▶


Satoshi Fujishima, Kazuhiro Imai, Ryuta Nakamura et al.


Decreased absolute numbers of CD3+ T cells and CD8+ T cells during aging in herpes zoster patients ▶


Li Wei, Jianguang Zhao, Wei Wu et al.


EXOSC10/Rrp6 is post-translationally regulated in male germ cells and controls the onset of spermatogenesis ▶


Soazik P. Jamin, Fabrice G. Petit, Christine Kervarrec et al.


Genetic association analysis of microRNA137 and its target complex 1 with schizophrenia in Han Chinese ▶


Weihong Lu, Yi Zhang, Xinyu Fang et al.


Establishing zebrafish as a model to study the anxiolytic effects of scopolamine ▶


Trevor J. Hamilton, Adam Morrill, Kayla Lucas et al.


Single-cell Co-expression Subnetwork Analysis ▶


Thomas E. Bartlett, Sören Müller, Aaron Diaz


Combining membrane proteomics and computational three-way pathway analysis revealed signalling pathways preferentially regulated in human iPSCs and human ESCs ▶


Wei-Sheng Tien, Pei-Mien Chen, Ching-Yu Chuang et al.


A new antagonist for CCR4 attenuates allergic lung inflammation in a mouse model of asthma ▶


Yang Zhang, Yinfang Wu, Hui Qi et al.


Engineering DNA Backbone Interactions Results in TALE Scaffolds with Enhanced 5-Methylcytosine Selectivity ▶


Preeti Rathi, Anna Witte, Daniel Summerer


The lipid raft-dwelling protein US9 can be manipulated to target APP compartmentalization, APP processing, and neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis ▶


Renato Brandimarti, Gordon S. Hill, Jonathan D. Geiger et al.


Influenza virus segment 5 (+)RNA - secondary structure and new targets for antiviral strategies ▶


Marta Soszynska-Jozwiak, Paula Michalak, Walter N. Moss et al.


Quantitative text feature analysis of autobiographical interview data: prediction of episodic details, semantic details and temporal discounting ▶


J. Peters, A. Wiehler, U. Bromberg


Delivery of the gene encoding the tumor suppressor Sef into prostate tumors by therapeutic-ultrasound inhibits both tumor angiogenesis and growth ▶


Sabrin Mishel, Boris Shneyer, Lina Korsensky et al.


Novel Plasmodium antigens identified via genome-based antibody screen induce protection associated with polyfunctional T cell responses ▶


Sophie Schussek, Angela Trieu, Simon H. Apte et al.


Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) supplementation ameliorates the impact of maternal obesity in mice: comparison with exercise ▶


Golam Mezbah Uddin, Neil A. Youngson, Bronte M. Doyle et al.


Differential transcriptome regulation by 3,5-T2 and 3′,3,5-T3 in brain and liver uncovers novel roles for thyroid hormones in tilapia ▶


A. Olvera, C. J. Martyniuk, N. Buisine et al.


Cortisol responses enhance negative valence perception for ambiguous facial expressions ▶


Catherine C. Brown, Candace M. Raio, Maital Neta


Molecular spectrum of secretome regulates the relative hepatogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and dental tissue ▶


Ajay Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Vidya Rattan et al.


Visualization and quantification of injury to the ciliated epithelium using quantitative flow imaging and speckle variance optical coherence tomography ▶


Ute A. Gamm, Brendan K. Huang, Emily K. Mis et al.


Engineering Saccharomyces cerevisiae for geranylgeraniol overproduction by combinatorial design ▶


Tian-Qing Song, Ming-Zhu Ding, Fang Zhai et al.


Cellular information dynamics through transmembrane flow of ions ▶


Robert A. Gatenby, B. Roy Frieden


Frontal theta activation during motor synchronization in autism ▶


Masahiro Kawasaki, Keiichi Kitajo, Kenjiro Fukao et al.


Imaging cellulose synthase motility during primary cell wall synthesis in the grass Brachypodium distachyon ▶


Derui Liu, Nina Zehfroosh, Brandon L. Hancock et al.


Extreme behavioural shifts by baboons exploiting risky, resource-rich, human-modified environments ▶


Gaelle Fehlmann, M. Justin O’Riain, Catherine Kerr-Smith et al.


Action Categorization in Rhesus Monkeys: discrimination of grasping from non-grasping manual motor acts ▶


Koen Nelissen, Wim Vanduffel


Substrate Specificity and Allosteric Regulation of a d-Lactate Dehydrogenase from a Unicellular Cyanobacterium are Altered by an Amino Acid Substitution ▶


Shoki Ito, Masahiro Takeya, Takashi Osanai


The Bacillus BioBrick Box 2.0: expanding the genetic toolbox for the standardized work with Bacillus subtilis ▶


Philipp F. Popp, Mona Dotzler, Jara Radeck et al.


Brain activation induced by chronic psychosocial stress in mice ▶


Mikaela A Laine, Ewa Sokolowska, Mateusz Dudek et al.


Poly-β-hydroxybutyrate administration during early life: effects on performance, immunity and microbial community of European sea bass yolk-sac larvae ▶


Andrea Franke, Olivia Roth, Peter De Schryver et al.


Suppression of the FA pathway combined with CHK1 inhibitor hypersensitize lung cancer cells to gemcitabine ▶


Chun-Hua Dai, Yi Wang, Ping Chen et al.


Vanillin Affects Amyloid Aggregation and Non-Enzymatic Glycation in Human Insulin ▶


Clara Iannuzzi, Margherita Borriello, Gaetano Irace et al.


The Mammalian Target of Rapamycin and DNA methyltransferase 1 axis mediates vascular endothelial dysfunction in response to disturbed flow ▶


Yun-Peng Zhang, Yi-Tao Huang, Tse-Shun Huang et al.


Methods for Scarless, Selection-Free Generation of Human Cells and Allele-Specific Functional Analysis of Disease-Associated SNPs and Variants of Uncertain Significance ▶


Nicole B. Coggins, Jacob Stultz, Henriette O’Geen et al.


The Kunitz Domain I of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Activator Inhibitor-2 Inhibits Matriptase Activity and Invasive Ability of Human Prostate Cancer Cells ▶


Shang-Ru Wu, Chen-Hsin Teng, Ya-Ting Tu et al.


BOT-4-one attenuates NLRP3 inflammasome activation: NLRP3 alkylation leading to the regulation of its ATPase activity and ubiquitination ▶


Do-Wan Shim, Woo-Young Shin, Sang-Hyeun Yu et al.


Mechanotransduction of matrix stiffness in regulation of focal adhesion size and number: reciprocal regulation of caveolin-1 and β1 integrin ▶


Yi-Chun Yeh, Jin-Ying Ling, Wan-Chun Chen et al.


Human single chain-transbodies that bound to domain-I of non-structural protein 5A (NS5A) of hepatitis C virus ▶


Kittirat Glab-ampai, Monrat Chulanetra, Aijaz Ahmad Malik et al.


Gut remediation: a potential approach to reducing chromium accumulation using Lactobacillus plantarum TW1-1 ▶


Gaofeng Wu, Xingpeng Xiao, Pengya Feng et al.


Tolerogenic dendritic cells are efficiently generated using minocycline and dexamethasone ▶


Jae-Hee Lee, Chan-Su Park, Sundong Jang et al.


Serology reflects a decline in the prevalence of trachoma in two regions of The Gambia ▶


Stephanie J. Migchelsen, Nuno Sepúlveda, Diana L. Martin et al.


Code-modulated visual evoked potentials using fast stimulus presentation and spatiotemporal beamformer decoding ▶


Benjamin Wittevrongel, Elia Van Wolputte, Marc M. Van Hulle


Sialidase inhibitors attenuate pulmonary fibrosis in a mouse model ▶


Tejas R. Karhadkar, Darrell Pilling, Nehemiah Cox et al.


Mesenchymal stem cells internalize Mycobacterium tuberculosis through scavenger receptors and restrict bacterial growth through autophagy ▶


Arshad Khan, Lovepreet Mann, Ramesha Papanna et al.


Visualization of lipid directed dynamics of perilipin 1 in human primary adipocytes ▶


Jesper S. Hansen, Sofia de Maré, Helena A. Jones et al.


Short-term effects of non-grazing on plants, soil biota and aboveground-belowground links in Atlantic mountain grasslands ▶


Lur Epelde, Anders Lanzén, Iker Mijangos et al.


Magnesium homeostasis protects Salmonella against nitrooxidative stress ▶


Travis J. Bourret, Lin Liu, Jeff A. Shaw et al.


Production and Purification of Filovirus Glycoproteins in Insect and Mammalian Cell Lines ▶


Elizabeth C. Clarke, Amanda L. Collar, Chunyan Ye et al.


The microbiological characteristics and risk factors for PICC-related bloodstream infections in intensive care unit ▶


Shumin Zhang, Xiaofeng Sun, Yan Lei


Oxygen drives benthic-pelagic decomposition pathways in shallow wetlands ▶


Gea H. van der Lee, Michiel H. S. Kraak, Ralf C. M. Verdonschot et al.


Impaired oxidative stress response characterizes HUWE1-promoted X-linked intellectual disability ▶


Matthias Bosshard, Rossana Aprigliano, Cristina Gattiker et al.


Gender composition mediates social facilitation effect in co-action condition ▶


Na Liu, Ruifeng Yu, Lindong Yang et al.


Sub genome anchored physical frameworks of the allotetraploid Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genome, and an approach toward reference-grade assemblies of polyploids ▶


Christopher A. Saski, Brian E. Scheffler, Amanda M. Hulse-Kemp et al.


Spontaneous attention-capture by auditory distractors as predictor of distractibility: a study of domestic horses (Equus caballus) ▶


C. Rochais, S. Henry, M. Hausberger


sPAGM: inferring subpathway activity by integrating gene and miRNA expression-robust functional signature identification for melanoma prognoses ▶


Chun-Long Zhang, Yan-Jun Xu, Hai-Xiu Yang et al.


Systematic population spike delays across cortical layers within and between primary sensory areas ▶


Gijs Plomp, Christoph M. Michel, Charles Quairiaux


Exosomal miR-126 as a circulating biomarker in non-small-cell lung cancer regulating cancer progression ▶


Franco Grimolizzi, Federica Monaco, Francesca Leoni et al.


Tumor suppressor NPRL2 induces ROS production and DNA damage response ▶


Yinxing Ma, Licia Silveri, John LaCava et al.


Thermostability improvement of a Talaromyces leycettanus xylanase by rational protein engineering ▶


Xiaoyu Wang, Rui Ma, Xiangming Xie et al.


A Mouse Model of Autoimmune Cholangitis via Syngeneic Bile Duct Protein Immunization ▶


Wen-Tao Ma, Qing-Zhi Liu, Jing-Bo Yang et al.


Targeting c-KIT (CD117) by dasatinib and radotinib promotes acute myeloid leukemia cell death ▶


Sook-Kyoung Heo, Eui-Kyu Noh, Jeong Yi Kim et al.


Comprehensive genomic analysis of Oesophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma reveals clinical relevance ▶


Peina Du, Peide Huang, Xuanlin Huang et al.


Cis-SNPs Set Testing and PrediXcan Analysis for Gene Expression Data using Linear Mixed Models ▶


Ping Zeng, Ting Wang, Shuiping Huang


Birth of clones of the world’s first cloned dog ▶


Min Jung Kim, Hyun Ju Oh, Geon A Kim et al.


Objective quantification of nanoscale protein distributions ▶


Miklos Szoboszlay, Tekla Kirizs, Zoltan Nusser


Diagnostic value of blood-derived microRNAs for schizophrenia: results of a meta-analysis and validation ▶


Sha Liu, Fuquan Zhang, Xijin Wang et al.


Memory Regulatory T cells Increase Only In Inflammatory Phase of Chronic Hepatitis B Infection and Related to Galectin-9/Tim-3 interaction ▶


Ching-Chih Hu, Wen-Juei Jeng, Yi-Cheng Chen et al.


Amniotic membrane promotes focal adhesion remodeling to stimulate cell migration ▶


Ángel Bernabé-García, Sergio Liarte, Jose M. Moraleda et al.


Exploration and recency as the main proximate causes of probability matching: a reinforcement learning analysis ▶


Carolina Feher da Silva, Camila Gomes Victorino, Nestor Caticha et al.


RSPO3 antagonism inhibits growth and tumorigenicity in colorectal tumors harboring common Wnt pathway mutations ▶


Marcus M. Fischer, V. Pete Yeung, Fiore Cattaruzza et al.


Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Enhances the Proliferation and Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells by Notch, PI3K/AKT, and Wnt/β-catenin Signaling ▶


Jing Zhang, Nan Kang, Xiaotong Yu et al.


OsMTP11 is localised at the Golgi and contributes to Mn tolerance ▶


Emily C. Farthing, Paloma K. Menguer, Janette Palma Fett et al.


A Light-Activated Antimicrobial Surface Is Active Against Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Organisms ▶


Tim Walker, Melisa Canales, Sacha Noimark et al.


Frequency of Human CD45+ Target Cells is a Key Determinant of Intravaginal HIV-1 Infection in Humanized Mice ▶


Philip V. Nguyen, Jocelyn M. Wessels, Kristen Mueller et al.


The primary cilium is necessary for the differentiation and the maintenance of human adipose progenitors into myofibroblasts ▶


N. Arrighi, K. Lypovetska, C. Moratal et al.


Identification and in vitro characterization of two new PCSK9 Gain of Function variants found in patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia ▶


Maria Donata Di Taranto, Asier Benito-Vicente, Carola Giacobbe et al.


Sequencing and characterization of the complete mitochondrial genome of Japanese Swellshark (Cephalloscyllium umbratile) ▶


Ke-Cheng Zhu, Yin-Yin Liang, Na Wu et al.


Thermodynamics of lipid multi-lamellar vesicles in presence of sterols at high hydrostatic pressure ▶


J. Peters, J. Marion, F. J. Becher et al.


Large-scale identification of lysine acetylated proteins in vegetative hyphae of the rice blast fungus ▶


Xiaomei Sun, Zhigang Li, Hang Liu et al.


Structural and Functional Insight of Sphingosine 1-Phosphate-Mediated Pathogenic Metabolic Reprogramming in Sickle Cell Disease ▶


Kaiqi Sun, Angelo D’Alessandro, Mostafa H. Ahmed et al.


DNA damage-induced histone H1 ubiquitylation is mediated by HUWE1 and stimulates the RNF8-RNF168 pathway ▶


I. K. Mandemaker, L. van Cuijk, R. C. Janssens et al.


Clinicopathological and prognostic significance of PKM2 protein expression in cirrhotic hepatocellular carcinoma and non-cirrhotic hepatocellular carcinoma ▶


Yan Liu, Hao Wu, Ying Mei et al.


Metabolic Profiling of healthy and cancerous tissues in 2D and 3D ▶


Shonagh Russell, Jonathan Wojtkowiak, Andy Neilson et al.


Acinar injury and early cytokine response in human acute biliary pancreatitis ▶


Aparna Jakkampudi, Ramaiah Jangala, Ratnakar Reddy et al.


Limited evidence of declining growth among moisture-limited black and white spruce in interior Alaska ▶


Patrick F. Sullivan, Robert R. Pattison, Annalis H. Brownlee et al.


Prediction of human prenatal exposure to bisphenol A and bisphenol A glucuronide from an ovine semi-physiological toxicokinetic model ▶


Glenn Gauderat, Nicole Picard-Hagen, Pierre-Louis Toutain et al.


Intermediate Levels of Network Heterogeneity Provide the Best Evolutionary Outcomes ▶


Flávio L. Pinheiro, Dominik Hartmann


Global phylogenetic analysis of Escherichia coli and plasmids carrying the mcr-1 gene indicates bacterial diversity but plasmid restriction ▶


Sébastien Matamoros, Jarne M. van Hattem, Maris S. Arcilla et al.


Upregulation of microRNA-4417 and Its Target Genes Contribute to Nickel Chloride-promoted Lung Epithelial Cell Fibrogenesis and Tumorigenesis ▶


Chih-Hsien Wu, Yi-Min Hsiao, Kun-Tu Yeh et al.


Ectoine protects DNA from damage by ionizing radiation ▶


M.- A. Schröter, S. Meyer, M. B. Hahn et al.


A transcriptomic study of myogenic differentiation under the overexpression of PPARγ by RNA-Seq ▶


Kan He, Guoying Wu, Wen-Xing Li et al.


Clinical Potential of an Enzyme-based Novel Therapy for Cocaine Overdose ▶


Ting Zhang, Xirong Zheng, Ziyuan Zhou et al.


Modulation of transcriptional mineralocorticoid receptor activity by casein kinase 2 ▶


Stefanie Ruhs, Nicole Strätz, Katja Quarch et al.


PDGF Family Expression in Glioblastoma Multiforme: Data Compilation from Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project Database ▶


Isabella Gomes Cantanhede, João Ricardo Mendes de Oliveira


Genome-wide analyses of long noncoding RNA expression profiles in lung adenocarcinoma ▶


Zhenzi Peng, Jun Wang, Bin Shan et al.


Proteolytic cleavage of transmembrane cell adhesion molecule L1 by extracellular matrix molecule Reelin is important for mouse brain development ▶


David Lutz, Ahmed Sharaf, Dagmar Drexler et al.


Hair Cortisol in Twins: Heritability and Genetic Overlap with Psychological Variables and Stress-System Genes ▶


Liz Rietschel, Fabian Streit, Gu Zhu et al.


Early diverging lineages within Cryptomycota and Chytridiomycota dominate the fungal communities in ice-covered lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica ▶


Keilor Rojas-Jimenez, Christian Wurzbacher, Elizabeth Charlotte Bourne et al.


Extra-territorial movements differ between territory holders and subordinates in a large, monogamous rodent ▶


Martin Mayer, Andreas Zedrosser, Frank Rosell


Reduced hepatitis B and D viral entry using clinically applied drugs as novel inhibitors of the bile acid transporter NTCP ▶


Joanne M. Donkers, Benno Zehnder, Gerard J. P. van Westen et al.


The Habitats Humans Provide: Factors affecting the diversity and composition of arthropods in houses ▶


Misha Leong, Matthew A. Bertone, Amy M. Savage et al.


The synthetic neuroactive steroid SGE-516 reduces seizure burden and improves survival in a Dravet syndrome mouse model ▶


Nicole A. Hawkins, Michael Lewis, Rebecca S. Hammond et al.


Margination of Stiffened Red Blood Cells Regulated By Vessel Geometry ▶


Yuanyuan Chen, Donghai Li, Yongjian Li et al.


Current source density mapping of antennal sensory selectivity reveals conserved olfactory systems between tephritids and Drosophila ▶


Vincent Jacob, Francesca Scolari, Hélène Delatte et al.


Reentry via high-frequency pacing in a mathematical model for human-ventricular cardiac tissue with a localized fibrotic region ▶


Soling Zimik, Rahul Pandit


Hearing with exceptionally thin tympana: Ear morphology and tympanal membrane vibrations in eneopterine crickets ▶


Erik S. Schneider, Heinrich Römer, Tony Robillard et al.


A high-density consensus linkage map of white lupin highlights synteny with narrow-leafed lupin and provides markers tagging key agronomic traits ▶


Michał Książkiewicz, Nelson Nazzicari, Hua’an Yang et al.


Captive bottlenose dolphins and killer whales harbor a species-specific skin microbiota that varies among individuals ▶


M. Chiarello, S. Villéger, C. Bouvier et al.


SaccharomycesIDentifier, SID: strain-level analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae populations by using microsatellite meta-patterns ▶


Irene Stefanini, Davide Albanese, Maddalena Sordo et al.


Progesterone attenuates temporomandibular joint inflammation through inhibition of NF-κB pathway in ovariectomized rats ▶


Xin-Tong Xue, Xiao-Xing Kou, Chen-Shuang Li et al.


First insights into the pleiotropic role of vrf (yedF), a newly characterized gene of Salmonella Typhimurium ▶


Clara Ballesté-Delpierre, Dietmar Fernandez-Orth, Mario Ferrer-Navarro et al.


Mitochondrial gene polymorphism is associated with gut microbial communities in mice ▶


Misa Hirose, Axel Künstner, Paul Schilf et al.


The effects of vitamin E or lipoic acid supplementation on oxyphytosterols in subjects with elevated oxidative stress: a randomized trial ▶


Sabine Baumgartner, Ronald P. Mensink, Guido R. Haenen et al.


Stress-induced long-range ordering in spider silk ▶


Johannes A. Wagner, Sandeep P. Patil, Imke Greving et al.


Microelectrode implantation in motor cortex causes fine motor deficit: Implications on potential considerations to Brain Computer Interfacing and Human Augmentation ▶


Monika Goss-Varley, Keith R. Dona, Justin A. McMahon et al.


Rab5 is critical for SNAP23 regulated granule-granule fusion during compound exocytosis ▶


Ofir Klein, Amit Roded, Neta Zur et al.


Chemical Analysis of Morphological Changes in Lysophosphatidic Acid-Treated Ovarian Cancer Cells ▶


Karen A. Bailey, Yuliya Klymenko, Peter E. Feist et al.


Brief targeted memory reactivation during the awake state enhances memory stability and benefits the weakest memories ▶


Arielle Tambini, Alice Berners-Lee, Lila Davachi


Ultrafiltration combined with size exclusion chromatography efficiently isolates extracellular vesicles from cell culture media for compositional and functional studies ▶


Birke J. Benedikter, Freek G. Bouwman, Tanja Vajen et al.


Crystal Structure of Borrelia turicatae protein, BTA121, a differentially regulated  gene in the tick-mammalian transmission cycle of relapsing fever spirochetes ▶


Zhipu Luo, Alan J. Kelleher, Rabih Darwiche et al.


Catabolic Effects of Human PTH (1–34) on Bone: Requirement of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 in Murine Model of Hyperparathyroidism ▶


Jawed A. Siddiqui, Joshua Johnson, Carole Le Henaff et al.


Clinical and Molecular Characterization of PMP22 point mutations in Taiwanese patients with Inherited Neuropathy ▶


Yi-Chu Liao, Pei-Chien Tsai, Thy-Sheng Lin et al.


Probing the mechanical stability of bridged DNA-H-NS protein complexes by single-molecule AFM pulling ▶


Yan Liang, Ramon A. van der Valk, Remus T. Dame et al.


Suppression of Th17-polarized airway inflammation by rapamycin ▶


Oana Joean, Anja Hueber, Felix Feller et al.


Characterization of the Optical Properties of Turbid Media by Supervised Learning of Scattering Patterns ▶


Iman Hassaninia, Ramin Bostanabad, Wei Chen et al.


Divergent effects of Wnt/β-catenin signaling modifiers on the preservation of human limbal epithelial progenitors according to culture condition ▶


Hyun Jung Lee, J. Mario Wolosin, So-Hyang Chung


Bayesian Networks Analysis of Malocclusion Data ▶


Marco Scutari, Pietro Auconi, Guido Caldarelli et al.


SnO2 hollow nanotubes: a novel and efficient support matrix for enzyme immobilization ▶


Muhammad Zahid Anwar, Dong Jun Kim, Ashok Kumar et al.

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