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dinsdag 21 november 2017

RCGP: RCGP response to Journal of Public Health study on obesity and cancer

RCGP response to Journal of Public Health study on obesity and cancer

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs has responded to a study published in the Journal of Public Health which shows the majority of people in the UK don't understand the connection between weight issues and cancer.

She said: "GPs are working hard to ensure patients are aware of how their lifestyle might be affecting their health and wellbeing – including how making often-simple lifestyle changes can help prevent or delay serious conditions, such as cancer.

"But this is just one of a growing number of complex and potentially sensitive issues that we are expected to discuss with our patients, all within the constraints of a standard ten-minute appointment, and it simply isn't long enough.

"Our profession is also facing huge resource and workforce pressures – our workload has increased 16% over the last seven years, but investment in general practice has fallen over the last decade and GP numbers have not risen at pace with demand.

We would love to spend longer with our patients so that we could have in-depth conversations with them about all the physical, psychological and social factors affecting their health. But offering longer appointments means offering fewer appointments, and currently the College estimates that patients will already be waiting a week or more for an appointment with a GP or practice nurse on 100 million occasions by 2020.

"Ultimately, we need NHS England's GP Forward View – which promises an extra £2.4bn a year for general practice and 5,000 more GPs by 2020 – delivered in full, in England, and similar promises made and delivered in the Devolved Nations, so that we have the resources and workforce to offer longer consultations to patients who need them.

"The College has also made Physical Activity and Lifestyle a clinical priority and we are working with partners to support GPs and our teams to have what can be difficult conversations with patients about their weight and lifestyle, and how it impacts on their health."

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RCGP Wales responds to GP Training Places Announcement

"I am delighted at the Health Secretary's news that all GP training places have been filled and that additional capacity has been created for those doctors choosing to train, work and live in Wales. This is an important milestone and a step on the journey towards training the 200 GPs per year that we need for Wales.

"Last year, RCGP Wales launched 'Transform,' our roadmap for transformation which outlined the steps that need to be taken to strengthen general practice. As part of this, we called on the Government to run a major recruitment campaign to help address the GP shortage.

"Train Work Live has been a positive campaign and I am glad that we are seeing it pay off.

"We need to expand the GP workforce by 485 GPs by 2021 and the increase in GP trainees is real progress towards this. I now encourage the Welsh Government to go one step further and boost the numbers of GP training places to 200 a year and do more to encourage existing GPs to stay in the profession for longer."

"General practice is a fantastic and highly rewarding career. GPs are passionate advocates for patient care and we are privileged to care for patients from the cradle to the grave. GP colleagues across Wales are active promoting general practice to school students and trainee doctors."

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Workforce figures gravely concerning says College

"We understand that change takes time, but we desperately need more family doctors, and we need them sooner rather than later. We had hoped that at this stage of NHS England's GP Forward View being implemented, we would be seeing more progress.

"Workload in general practice has increased by at least 16% over the last seven years, but the number of GPs delivering care to patients has not risen in step.

"Despite GPs and our teams working hard to deliver more and more consultations, patients continue to wait longer for appointments. This paradox is being seen in GP surgeries across the country, every day, while we work to deliver the vast majority of patient care across the NHS.

"We will continue to work with NHS England and others to identify where improvements can be made, but we need to start seeing some progress, and fast. GPs are the guardians of our healthcare system, but there is a limit to what we can do when there simply aren't enough of us to deliver the care our patients need and deserve."

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