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dinsdag 14 november 2017

RCGP: Fining patients for missing GP appointments not the answer says RCGP

Fining patients for missing GP appointments not the answer says RCGP

"GP practices across the country are already implementing some successful schemes to reduce missed appointments, from text messaging reminders to better patient education and awareness posters detailing the unintended consequences of a patient not attending.

"Fining patients for not attending an appointment will adversely affect the most vulnerable in society, and implementing the necessary systems to do this will only continue to overburden GPs and their teams by adding more bureaucracy when we are already facing intense workload pressures.

"In some cases patients not attending appointments can be a warning sign that something could be wrong with a patient and follow-up action is needed.

"Ultimately, we need NHS England's GP Forward View – promising £2.4bn extra a year for general practice and 5,000 more GPs – to be delivered in full and as a matter of urgency, and we need equivalent promises made and delivered in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so that we can offer more appointments for patients, and deliver the care they need and deserve."

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RCGP welcomes BMA report on protecting the future of general practice

"GPs are seeing more than 1m patient consultations every day – accounting for the vast majority of NHS patient contacts -  yet we've had a decade of underinvestment in general practice, and our workforce has not kept up with patient demand.

"General practice is the bedrock of the NHS and GPs right across the country are working flat out to provide care for as many patients as we possibly can - but there are limits beyond which we can no longer guarantee safe care to our patients -and this desperately needs to change.

"We need the £2.4bn a year extra for general practice and 5,000 more full-time equivalent GPs by 2020 - promised in NHS England's GP Forward View - delivered in England, in full, and equivalent promises for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as a matter of urgency.

"We look forward to constructive collaboration with our colleagues at the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA to shape the future of UK general practice and ensure that we continue working together to create a safer and more sustainable future for GPs so that we can deliver the best possible care to our patients."

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NHS workforce must be a top priority in Brexit negotiations, says RCGP

"It's terrible to hear that so many doctors trained in the EU and practising in the UK – 2,137 of them GPs, delivering care to over 3m patients – are making plans to leave as a result of the Brexit vote, but it is not surprising when their future status remains up in the air.

"Doctors and other healthcare professionals make a huge contribution to the NHS – and we are incredibly grateful for the support they give us in general practice to deliver care to over a million people every day. We already have a severe shortage of GPs in the UK and we simply cannot afford to lose these doctors – in fact, the College is further calling for GPs to be added to the Migration Advisory Committee's shortage occupation list, to make it easier for appropriately trained doctors from overseas to enter our profession.

"The NHS, particularly our health service's workforce, must be one of the national top priorities during Brexit negotiations. But in the meantime, we need NHS England's GP Forward View, which promises £2.4bn extra a year for general practice and 5,000 more GPs by 2020, to be implemented in full as a matter of urgency – and we need equivalent pledges to be made and delivered in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."

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