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donderdag 9 november 2017

RCGP: 10-minute consultations no longer fit for purpose, says RCGP

10-minute consultations no longer fit for purpose, says RCGP

"The time GPs have to spend with our patients is precious, and the more time we are able to spend with them, the better patient-centred care we are able to provide - so it's concerning to see that every UK study included in this research shows that we are spending less than 10 minutes on average with our patients during their consultation.

"It backs up previous research showing that consultation times are amongst the lowest in Western Europe and other comparable health systems around the world.

"Increasingly, patients are living with multiple, long-term chronic conditions, both physical and psychological - and at the same time GPs are being asked to do more checks, ask more questions and give more advice as standard during consultations. The standard 10-minute appointment is simply inadequate to deal with this.

"But offering longer appointments means offering fewer appointments, and our latest analysis of the independent GP Patient Survey found patients will already be waiting a week or more for an appointment with a GP or practice nurse on 100m occasions by 2020.

"We urgently need to see NHS England's GP Forward View, which includes £2.4bn extra a year for general practice and 5,000 more GPs by 2020, delivered in full - and for similar promises to be made and delivered in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - so that we have the resources and workforce to offer longer consultations to our patients who need them."

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Stevens right to call for more NHS funding, says RCGP

"The College wholeheartedly backs his calls for significantly more investment in the NHS. NHS England's assessment of the situation is sobering and will cause concern for patients up and down the country. Advances in medicine are remarkable, and as a result our patients are living longer, healthier lives - but patient demand is also increasing. 

"Workload in general practice has increased 16% over the last seven years, but investment in our service has declined over the last decade and our workforce has not risen at pace with demand.

"The British public were also greatly misled during the EU referendum over suggestions that the NHS would receive £350m more a week if we left the European Union. By all accounts, this is unlikely to happen but it would have undoubtedly influenced people's decisions - and we agree with Stevens that it must not simply be dismissed as an extrapolation or an empty promise made by people who can no longer be held to account.

"The Chancellor has an opportunity to do something about this when he makes his Autumn statement later this month - to make decisions that will retain the NHS as a beacon of national pride, and the envy of the world. He needs to increase funding for the NHS, and to ensure that general practice receives the share of any extra money it needs so we can deliver the care our patients deserve.

"We need the government to ensure that NHS England's GP Forward View, including £2.4bn extra a year for general practice and 5,000 more GPs, to be delivered in full as a matter of urgency." 


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Dr Valerie Vaughan-Dick appointed new Chief Operating Officer of the RCGP

"Valerie brings a wealth of private, public and Whitehall experience to the role. She was an outstanding candidate and the Officers of the College look forward to working collaboratively with her as we take the College into the next exciting stage of our development.

"We would Iike to thank the College Trustees for the enormous amount of time and effort they have invested in the recruitment process.

"As well as congratulating Valerie, we would also like to record our thanks to the other excellent candidates for their interest in the College's work and the professionalism and patience they demonstrated throughout the entire process."

Dr Vaughan-Dick said: "It is a privilege to take on this role. General practice and GPs have never been more important to the future of the NHS and, supported by my colleagues, I will do everything possible to improve the services and support we deliver to our members who are working tirelessly to provide the best possible care to patients."

Dr Vaughan-Dick joined the College as Executive Director of Planning and Resources in 2014.

She was appointed Acting Chief Executive in March 2017 following the departure of Neil Hunt.

The Chief Operating Officer, formerly Chief Executive Officer, is the most senior member of staff in the College and accountable officer for the College's charitable work. 

The announcement comes after a rigorous six-month recruitment process led by executive search consultants Odgers and Berndtson.


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