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woensdag 15 november 2017

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Pesticides e-Bulletin: Processes and Procedures for Plant Protection Products – Changes to the Detailed Technical Sift Criteria

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Processes and Procedures for Plant Protection Products – Changes to the Detailed Technical Sift Criteria


On 29th June 2016 HSE introduced new processes and procedures for the authorisation of plant protection product applications under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.

Initial feedback from applicants was sought on 18th January 2017 and as a result of this feedback initial changes were introduced May 2017: Pesticide ebulletin May 2017.

Changes to the criteria for the Detailed Technical Sift are now being introduced.

Changes to the Detailed Technical Sift

The key objective of the Detailed Technical Sift (DTS) is to identify missing information and data at an early stage of the evaluation process. The criteria applied at the DTS have been critically reviewed and updated to focus on the key issues identified from experience gained of the new process. In addition, changes have been introduced to provide additional support to applicants in the preparation of dossiers for submission to HSE. The key changes being introduced are:

  • General issues (e.g. discrepancies in the GAP, label, addressing EFSA data gaps) relevant to all specialist areas have been included in a new separate section
  • Minor issues, those not considered reasons for rejecting an application but may need to be addressed for an authorisation, will be highlighted to applicants in the conclusion of the DTS. Highlighting these issues early in the evaluation process will provide additional time for them to be addressed by applicants
  • Based on experience a number of rejection criteria have been removed from each specialist area
  • Links to UK and EU guidance documents have been included to support applicants preparing an application for submission
  • The mammalian toxicology section has been separated out into mammalian toxicology and operator exposure

New Guidance document

The changes to the DTS criteria are outlined in the guidance document 'Overview of the Processes and Procedures for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Productions in the UK under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009' version 1.3 available at the following link: The Applicant Guide Contents. This will be applied from 27th November 2017.

Where applications have been prepared considering the previous guidance, then no action to update the submission is required on the part of applicants. Such applications, in most part, will comply with the new criteria and HSE will take into account when the applications were prepared for a submission.


HSE will be reviewing the new processes and procedures to determine the effectiveness of the changes applied to date and whether any further changes need to be made. 



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