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zondag 26 november 2017

BBC Health: Women have 1.9 children on average, a record low

Women have 1.9 children on average, a record low
Women in England and Wales are having 1.9 children on average, fewer than their mothers who had 2.2 children.
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'The seizures have got more frequent and more violent'
Services to diagnose, treat and provide on-going care are failing patients across the spectrum of neurological disorders, according to a latest report
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NHS watchdog staff 'told not to criticise' Welsh Government
Staff working for NHS watchdogs facing the axe say they have been told not to embarrass the Welsh Government.
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Top surgeons call to save Royal Brompton heart unit
The congenital heart disease surgery unit at Royal Brompton Hospital is earmarked for closure.
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Home Office review over harassment at abortion clinics
Concerns about the tactics used by some protesters prompted the Home Office review.
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