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dinsdag 21 november 2017

BBC Health: Why do so many US women die giving birth?

Why do so many US women die giving birth?
While progress has been made to curb death rates in other countries, the US has seen an increase.
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Tampon tax: How much have you spent?
The amount it has cost you depends on how old you are and when you started your first period.
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South West Ambulance staff call for trust boss to resign
An open letter from the GMB union claims staff are "struggling to maintain a crumbling service".
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NHS: The front-line nurses keeping patients out of hospital
District nurses help keep patients out of hospital, but in England numbers have halved since 2010.
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Automated checkouts 'miserable' for elderly shoppers
"Intimidating" checkouts and a lack of seating are "shutting out" the elderly from shops, a charity says.
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