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woensdag 1 november 2017

BBC Health: Which has cleaner air: Eastbourne or London?

Which has cleaner air: Eastbourne or London?
The UK cities with atmospheres considered harmful to health by the WHO are revealed in a new report.
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Beware potential signs of pancreatic cancer
One in three adults would dismiss potential symptoms of this all-too-often deadly disease, say experts.
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Just a few nights of bad sleep upsets your brain
Even a few nights of poor sleep can lead to "repetitive negative thinking", experts say.
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Male infertility treatment 'insensitive'
Men often feel excluded because female partners are often the focus of attention in clinics, a charity says.
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'Despicable' fraud costs NHS in England £1bn a year
Crimes are being committed by patients, staff and contractors, a new anti-fraud body says as it promises a crackdown.
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