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donderdag 2 november 2017

BBC Health: Rotten teeth 'more likely' in deprived areas

Rotten teeth 'more likely' in deprived areas
Dental health varies widely according to area and wealth, a report on the nation's teeth finds.
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'Therapist reignited sex abuse trauma'
The ineffective regulation of those practising talking therapies 'leaves patients at risk of harm'.
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Autism assistance dog Rishi helps 11-year-old Jake
Autism assistance dog Rishi has enhanced 11-year-old Jake's life, his family says.
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'How dog helps me deal with terror attack'
Rowan Venables, 15, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing a gunman open fire.
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Study shows dementia is biggest killer in affluent areas
But heart disease leads to more deaths in deprived areas, says Office for National Statistics figures.
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