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vrijdag 10 november 2017

BBC Health: 'No-consent' circumcision doctor will not be prosecuted

'No-consent' circumcision doctor will not be prosecuted
A doctor who circumcised a boy without his mother's consent will not be prosecuted.
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HPV vaccinated women 'will only need three smear tests'
Since 2008, the HPV vaccine has been offered to girls aged 11 to 13 and reported HPV cases have fallen.
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Blood vending machine 'a first' for Ireland
Staff at a Belfast hospital are the first on the island of Ireland to use the new technology.
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Child cancer survivor fights for better treatment
Vicky Forster beat leukaemia as a child. Now she works as a scientist, trying to change the lives of children with the same disease.
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Sick baby's treatment 'should continue', High Court told
Doctors say giving further intensive care treatment to Isaiah Hasstrup is not in his best interests.
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