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donderdag 30 november 2017

BBC Health: NI nursing shortage is 'worrying picture' - RQIA chief

NI nursing shortage is 'worrying picture' - RQIA chief
The health regulator formally notifies the health department there is a serious nursing shortage.
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Quick-fix slimming pills 'potentially dangerous', says medicines body
Buying pills online is not safe and they can cause serious health problems, experts say.
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Chris Packham wants better education for children with autism
The TV presenter and author says families want a better education for their autistic children.
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My shock at discovering I was a donor child
One man says the revelation split his family, while a woman says she is now closer to her mother because of it.
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Migraine therapy that cut attacks hailed as 'huge deal'
Half the people on one study halved the number of migraines they had each month.
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