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donderdag 16 november 2017

BBC Health: Main motivation for steroid use 'to enhance image'

Main motivation for steroid use 'to enhance image'
More than 680 people who use image and performance-enhancing drugs took part in the survey.
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Simon Dobbin: BBC's DIY SOS to transform home of football attack victim
Simon Dobbin was left with severe brain damage in an attack after a football match.
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Hormone pregnancy test 'no link to harm'
The use of a controversial hormonal pregnancy test between the 1950s and 1970s did not damage unborn children, an independent inquiry has found.
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Young people out of love with their own bodies, says report
Body dissatisfaction can start in children as young as six, warns the Youth Select Committee.
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Tia has epidermolysis bullosa - known as 'butterfly skin'
Four-year-old Tia is hoping for pioneering treatment for her fragile skin condition.
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