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dinsdag 7 november 2017

BBC Health: Australia gonorrhoea cases surge 63%

Australia gonorrhoea cases surge 63%
Rates of the disease rose 63% in five years, led by infections in young heterosexual city dwellers.
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NHS offers smartphone GP appointments
Trials will take place in London where 3.5 million patients will be able to have video consultations via smartphone.
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Wrexham woman's 999 call classed in 'wrong category'
A woman who later died should have had her 999 call classed as more urgent, an inquest hears.
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Malaria breath test shows promise
People with the disease give off a distinctive "breath-print" that could aid rapid diagnosis, say experts.
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NHS staff 'working on edge of safety'
Demand for services is outstripping the rise in the number of people employed by the health service in England.
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