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dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

Statins increase type 2 diabetes risk in ‘susceptible individuals’

Statins increase type 2 diabetes risk in 'susceptible individuals'
Long term use of statins is associated with a 30% heightened risk of developing type 2 diabetes in susceptible individuals, suggests a large study from the US.
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Probiotics may potentially help recovery of trauma patients
Giving trauma patients a probiotic regimen or guiding changes to the microbial composition of the gut might prove a "powerful tool in the critical care arsenal", according to US researchers.
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Bill against emergency worker assaults moves to next stage
A private members' bill designed to strengthen the law against those convicted of assaulting emergency workers has had its second reading in the Commons.
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New tool to 'promote outstanding dementia care' in NHS
Consultant nurses and nurse specialists should be leading the way in dementia care, according to a tool designed to help NHS healthcare providers to deliver an "outstanding" service to their most vulnerable patients.
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'Limited' mentoring of advanced nurse trainees risks drop out
Advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) often have limited or no mentorship opportunities, despite those training in the role saying this is the most important part of moving into advanced practice, new research has found.
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Trust chief nurse warns of more ward closures to ensure safety
A nursing director has warned his trust that more wards may have to close due to a shortage of registered nurses.
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