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donderdag 5 oktober 2017

NHS Confederation: The NAPC compares models of accountable care in the UK and the USA

The NAPC compares models of accountable care in the UK and the USA
Charting a comparison in the provision of accountable care in the UK and the USA, this report describes some of the core characteristics of an accountable care model, explores how they have been put into practice and examines what their impact has been. It finds that many health leaders share a consensus on establishing a universal definition of accountable care.
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The King's Fund explores the development of an accountable care model in Canterbury New Zealand
Drawing on the example of an accountable care system developed in Canterbury New Zealand, this analysis examines what has made the system a success, areas where it could improve and what could be emulated in a UK setting. It's core finding, that the model has improved population health, is used to make a case for a similar system in the NHS.
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The Office for Life Sciences publishes its advisory industrial strategy for life sciences
Outlining their vision for a post-Brexit Britain, this strategy looks at how the life sciences sector will be impacted by Britain's exit from the EU. It's principle finding is that in order to maintain Britain's position as a leader in life sciences, it will need to maintain ongoing research and health relationships and ensure that any new agreements take life sciences into consideration.
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