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dinsdag 10 oktober 2017

New OnlineFirst articles available for Medico-Legal Journal

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These new articles for Medico-Legal Journal are available online

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Case Report

Scuba diving death: Always due to drowning? Two forensic cases and a review of the literature
I Aquila, F Pepe, M Manno, P Frati, S Gratteri, V Fineschi, P Ricci
Med Leg J
Oct 2, 2017
| OnlineFirst

Original Article

Review: Statutory regulation of invasive complementary therapies, such as hijama and acupuncture, is the only effective way of ensuring both patient safety and good practice
John F Mayberry
Med Leg J
Oct 2, 2017
| OnlineFirst

Opinion Piece

Gender fluidity and child abuse: A personal view
Charles Lewis
Med Leg J
Oct 4, 2017
| OnlineFirst

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