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donderdag 12 oktober 2017

Journal of Health Services Research & Policy Vol. 22, No. 4, October 1, 2017 is now available online

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Journal of Health Services Research & Policy- Volume: 22, Number: 4 (October 2017)

A new era for the Journal Jacqueline Cumming and Ellen Nolte
How important is information and communication technology in enabling interprofessional collaboration? Nicholas Goodwin
Original Research
Patient safety in nursing homes in Sweden: nurses' views on safety and their role Frieda Andersson and Katarina Hjelm
Prevalence and costs of defensive medicine: a national survey of Italian physicians Massimiliano Panella, Carmela Rinaldi, Fabrizio Leigheb, Sanita Knesse, Chiara Donnarumma, Seval Kul, Kris Vanhaecht, and Francesco Di Stanislao
Do single-use medical devices containing biopolymers reduce the environmental impacts of surgical procedures compared with their plastic equivalents? Scott R Unger, Troy A Hottle, Shakira R Hobbs, Cassandra L Thiel, Nicole Campion, Melissa M Bilec, and Amy E Landis
Cost-effectiveness of Memory Assessment Services for the diagnosis and early support of patients with dementia in England Manuel Gomes, Mark Pennington, Raphael Wittenberg, Martin Knapp, Nick Black, and Sarah Smith
Impact of the level of sickness on higher mortality in emergency medical admissions to hospital at weekends Mohammed Mohammed, Muhammad Faisal, Donald Richardson, Robin Howes, Kevin Beatson, Kevin Speed, and John Wright
Health services research: building capacity to meet the needs of the health care system Helen Barratt, Jay Shaw, Lisa Simpson, Sacha Bhatia, and Naomi Fulop
Review Article
Impact of information and communication technology on interprofessional collaboration for chronic disease management: a systematic review Neil Barr, Diana Vania, Glen Randall, and Gillian Mulvale
Children as agents of change in combatting antibiotic resistance Andreea Molnar
Medicaid waivers and negotiated federalism in the US: is there relevance to other federal systems? Carol S Weissert and William G Weissert

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