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donderdag 12 oktober 2017

BBC Health: The origami-inspired bots that could perform surgery

The origami-inspired bots that could perform surgery
Researchers at MIT have developed miniature bots that can fold into a number of different shapes.
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Are men forgotten after miscarriages?
One in four couples who discover they are pregnant have a miscarriage, but some men feel they are often forgotten about in terms of emotional support.
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Men and miscarriage
Researchers think half of unexplained miscarriages could be linked to the man's health and have possibly found a treatment.
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Medicines research warning over Brexit
Britain risks losing its position in research and drug development without clarity, a research leader warns.
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Pregabalin: Spending on 'new valium' greater in north
A charity says prescribers of pregabalin need to be vigilant about a drug that was linked to 111 deaths in a year.
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