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maandag 23 oktober 2017

BBC Health: 'Mug's game': Inside the mind of a gambling addict

'Mug's game': Inside the mind of a gambling addict
Paul Grover lost hundreds of thousands of pounds; now he's at a rehab centre for gambling addicts.
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'Bullying caused my anorexia'
Jamie Pye, from Norfolk, says his work with horses helped him deal with the condition.
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Taxpayer-funded drugs 'too expensive for patients'
Campaigners say UK taxpayers "effectively pay twice" for medicines, increasing NHS budget pressures.
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Patients need rest, not antibiotics, say health officials
Health officials say many illnesses get better on their own and patients don't need prescriptions.
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Health tourism charges come into force in England
Providers of NHS treatment are now required to charge patients who aren't eligible for free care.
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